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Devandil Nightshade

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Devandil Nightshade

Magecrafter of Syliras
Date of birth472 AV (aged 51)
Place of birthKalinor
TitleMaster Magecrafter
Unarmed Combat30
Gnosis marks

Devandil Nightshade currently serves as the Magecrafter of Syliras. The scope of this position is often fluid, serving whatever purpose Loren Dyres and his Knights require. At base, he is the magical barrier that stands between Syliras and the rest of Mizahar, ensuring its safety and doing everything in his power to further the cause rebuilding civilization - even though it's not his civilization.



If he were to stand up straight, Devandil would tower at an even 6'5", but he often hunches over and looks a few inches shorter. His hair is short and black, skin so pale it's nearly transparent, practically a walking stereotype of Symenestra. The only way he differs from his race is in his thick black claws; the delicate nature of his work requires that he keep the claws on his fingers filed down, and he compensates for that by refusing to wear shoes and growing out the claws on his feet.

Signs of his age lie in the crow's feet that pull at his eyes and a spot of gray no bigger than a miza at his left temple. His eyes are a bright, pale amethyst, and in the darkness of his laboratory his pupils dilate wide and black.

Devandil always wears traditional Symenestra silk wraps in midnight blue or black, and his exoskeletal armor is completely covered in various runes and glyphs to protect his fragile body.


It's not that Devandil is unfriendly - compared to the vast majority of his race, he's practically charming. However, a charming Symenestra often comes across to humans as curt, and sometimes even rude. While this can often make him seem unapproachable, he never hesitates to answer any questions that young wizards bring his way. A teacher by trade, he does his best to educate anyone who is brave enough to disturb his lair and chance his rather abrupt demeanor.


Devandil Nightshade held a prominent position as Professor of Magecrafting for over a decade at the University of Zeltiva, having left the dark chaos of Kalinor to further his magical studies. When Akvin Kultra disappeared from Syliras and left the Inner Sanctum unattended, Loren Dyres immediately sent a company of Syliran Knights to Zeltiva with a request for assistance. Having grown bored of merely teaching and eager to see a new city, Devandil volunteered for the position of Magecrafter of Syliras.

It took an entire season for the wagon train with all his supplies to finally reach Stormhold Citadel, but when he arrived he discovered the bright, airy space of the Inner Sanctum unsatisfactory. He was, after all, used to the cold caves of Kalinor and the shadow-filled halls of Zeltiva. And so without so much as a by-your-leave from Loren, he shoved his way downstairs to the Fourth Tier and into the storage sections. Unconcerned with the wing of Knights swarming around him and yelling about trespassing, he examined several of the rooms until finding one that he decided would suit his needs.

Thus the founding of The Laboratory, named because when Loren asked him what he wished his lair to be known as, the man simply replied "It's a laboratory. I don't see why you need to call it anything else." However, the Knights who helped move him in began calling it Dra-Kalinor. Some of the vendors in the Great Bazaar caught wind of this and the name has stuck ever since.


Devandil's Appearences
heightThe Inner SanctumThe old Magecrafter's home
heightDra-Kalinor LaboratoryDevandil's main residence in Syliras
heightAlong Came a SpiderDevandil tutors a young magecrafter