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Loren Dyres

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Loren Dyres

Syliran Knight Grandmaster, Leader of Syliras
Date of birth477 AV (aged 46)
Place of birthSyliras
TitleLord of Syliras, Grandmaster of the Syliran Knights
Dual Wield60
Riding: Horse45
Gnosis marks

Loren Dyres is the current Lord of Syliras, Grandmaster of the Syliran Knights, and the direct descendant of the founder of the city itself. He is an important figure in the stability of the Sylira Region and in the steadfastness of the human race. Loren holds the rank of 'Grandmaster' among the Syliran Knights, and is a prominent figure in the 'new' nobility of human civilization: meaning those who achieved their status through battle prowess and defense of the city. He is a direct descendant of Lawrence Dyres, the founder of Syliras and the first of the Dyres Lineage.


Growing up, Loren was groomed from childhood to hopefully ascend to the leadership of Syliras. To do so, he would have to earn his way up through the Syliran Knights by way of hard work, study, and training. His mother, a prominent Syliran woman named Helen Bristal was an amazing advocate of equality and justice throughout the known world. Being a devote priestess of Priskil, Helen was instrumental in following through with her husband Liam Dyres' ideal of holding and maintaining peace in Sylira which the entire Dyres family initiated when the knighthood founded a castle on the western coast of the region overlooking the Suvan Sea. That one lone outpost, built by Loren's ancestor, grew into a city in its own right, one that welcomes and nurtures humanity from all over the region.

Rumors have it, the reason Syliras was successful (when so many other attempts to found cities were not) was that along the coast an enormous tree grew that was said to be a fragment monster, a slice of the soul of the God of Peace and Civilization when Sylir was destroyed during the Valterrian. And although Sylir is now slain, gone forever from Mizahar, pieces of his past and his personality remain scattered throughout Mizahar, like the enormous Windoak that looms over the city of Syliras. And though there are rumors about the tree itself, it is carefully sheltered within the walls of the ocean side fortress, kept safe there by Loren and his family. It is said that the Windoak gave the final nod to Loren's ascension to the Lordship of Syliras, and to this day it gives advice to the Dyres family and all those that take shelter in Syliras and seek it out.

Loren is unmarried, and it is rumored that he is the lover of Kaylana Natra though no official word has ever been said to confirm this. Regardless, he has no children of his own, and as such his brother, Stewart Knight Karees Dyres, is the heir presumptive of the position of Lord Knight.