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Edrick Starcleaver

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Edrick Starcleaver

Edrick Starcleaver of the Starcleaver Bounty Service
Date of birth480 AV (aged 43)
Place of birthEndrykas
TitleStarcleave Mercenary
Weapon (Spear)55
Weapon (Bow)40
Wilderness Survival38
Riding (Horse)20

Edrick Starcleaver is a member of the Starcleave Mercenaries. They run the Starcleaver Bounty Service in the Evantide Outpost just north of Syliras.


Born and raised in the roaming city of Endrykas, Edrick Starcleaver was part of a well known Pavilion within the Diamond Clan. He, like his many brothers, were naturals with the art of war. Be it swords, axes, bows, or spears, they were one of the families that weren't to be trifled with.

Despite the family having a great name for itself, Edrick fell short in one very important area of Drykas culture: he never bonded to a Strider. At first it was assumed he was just a late bonder, but after he was in his early twenties and even the youngest of his brothers had achieved what he could not, he became bitter and angry.

One day, in a fit of rage, he slew another of the Diamond clan, and with him the victim's Strider as well. Edrick, by the Drykas Law, was exiled from the city into the Sea of Grass. It was exile on foot, and meant certainly he would die on the Sea or beyond.

But his death never came to pass. His story is strange and tends to alter often, but it is typically believed he not only walked through the Sea, but slew various monsters and beasts that dared to look at him as a prey.

Starcleave Mercenaries

Edrick made it to the region of Sylira, where he met up with a man that went only by the name of "Charge", a small time mercenary. Again the tale of Edrick is confusing or drenched in rumors and tall tales, but it is said that Edrick single-handedly killed a dozen of Charge's men before they decided they would make an excellent team.

Years later, after Mother Malice joined the duo, the three leaders of the Starcleave Mercenaries settled into the Evantide Outpost north of Syliras. There they set up the ever-popular business of bounty hunting, or more specifically, the selling of death warrants and the purchase of freelance hunters.


Edrick Starcleaver's Appearences