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Mother Malice

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Mother Malice

Urlan Reneben of the Starcleaver Bounty Service
Date of birth489 AV (aged 34)
Place of birthEyktol
TitleStarcleave Mercenary
Weapon (Shortsword)45
Land Navigation30
Wilderness Survival29
Throwing Daggers20

Urlan Reneben is a member of the Starcleave Mercenaries. They run the Starcleaver Bounty Service in the Evantide Outpost just north of Syliras.


Born in the sandy deserts of Ekytol, Urlan first saw life as a traveler. Her mother, widowed by the harsh wilderness itself, had been infected by some madness, though she claimed she was transforming into a goddess herself. She began wandering the length and breadth of Mizahar almost from the day Urlan was born, preaching her own gospel. Over time, she managed to develop a small cult-like following of worshipers.

Becoming a threat for various people - specifically a few crime lords of Sunberth - she and her new followers were executed in cold blood at the hands of bandits led by a man named Charge. It is said that he stumbled across the fanatic Chaktawe's daughter, Urlan, as a child of ten years old, and rather than extinguishing her life he instead took her in as an apprentice of the blade.

Urlan and Charge worked together for several years, almost a father-daughter sort of relationship, when Urlan vanished. She fled from the now-mercenary gang and Charge's protection, and made a new home in Ravok. Little is known about the few years she spent there, but it is known that she became pregnant. It is also known that when she left, she was childless once again.

Starcleave Mercenaries

By the time Urlan sought out Charge and his band of mercenaries, he had already teamed up with the young Drykas exile, Edrick Starcleaver, and had fully transformed his group of bandits into a real mercenary troop.

When Urlan returned, stories preceded her arrival: she was a psychopath, the murderer of her own children. The stories were wild, anywhere from her giving birth to Rhysol's child and executing it because it was an evil thing, or her killing her child and devouring it just to "taste the flavor of innocence." Regardless of the stories, she is known to have been a mother briefly, and now her child(ren) are missing, if still alive.

Now called "Mother Malice" by many, Urlan works alongside Edrick and Charge, one of the three leaders of the Starcleave Mercenaries. She is known to have an almost chilling sort of loving care for people, and many believe it to be no more than a devious facade.


Mother Malice's Appearences