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Equuleus, White Company, 4th Regiment, Gold Quadron
Date of birth207 AV (aged 316)
Place of birthBlack Rock
TitleStewart Knight
Gnosis marks

Equuleus is the current Stewart Knight for the White Company, 4th Regiment, Gold Quadron. He is stationed in Syliras, and his Company is one of two which are comprised of Warrior-Mages. He is a child of Leth.



While all Ethaefal look enchanted and unnatural to mortal eyes, those who know this race can tell that there is something not quite right about Equuleus.

As a son of Leth, he has the opalescent skin and indigo eyes of most of his brethren, as well as the ever-changing horns and lustrous hair. He towers at just past seven feet tall, and his smooth face holds something alien and cold. Unbreakable horns are set far back on his skull and curl down around his ears, the base usually covered by his hair. Nighttime finds him dressed in thin velvet robes, sleeveless and form-fitting.

As Syna takes her place in the sky, Equuleus reverts back to his mortal form: an unimpressive and ugly little human male. Short, stocky, and covered in dozens of crude scars from his initiation into reimancy, the only thing he retains is the weirdling color of his eyes.

However, the indigo of his eyes is paler than normal, almost foggy, and no matter whether in mortal or divine form, and no matter the season, his hair is tipped in pure white and streaked with it as well, most prominently in a large swath hanging in his eyes. His brows remain unchanged, though his lashes have gone colorless, giving him an even more striking appearance.


Centuries spent wandering the world and perfecting his magics has left Equuleus a strange and quiet man. There is no question of his power - no matter his form, he emits an aura of utter control that few manage to question. When mortal, he appears to most to be a fighter, some sort of scarred brawler who has seen better days. In his divine form, there is no mistaking him for anything other than a warrior mage.

For all that he is difficult to approach, he is surprisingly easy to speak to. Those who get to know him, however, find him forgetful and a bit spacey. There are times when he cannot recall what he was just doing or where he's been, and conversations with him can often become confusing and enigmatic.


Equuleus himself remembers little of his life. He attributes the holes in his memory to his fall from grace and thinks little of it. It is more a blessing than a curse, for there are few enough of his kind who are thankful for the memories they hold of the times when they served the gods and looked down at the world from far above.

He has been with the Knights for more than six decades, slowly rising within the ranks more as a consequence of his time spent with them than any excessive grab for power on his part. He spends almost all of his time in Syliras looking after his Company and training those who join the Warrior Mages.

There are times, though, when he disappears for minutes or hours, and no one can say where he has been, not even him. These are the times when Tanroa claims him as her servant and he performs his duties as a Sandman, dragging those unwitting Treavers back to the antechamber when their time is up.


Equuleus' Appearences