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Image:Scroll2.png "You can call me Farke. I am in charge of Sahova's relations with the outside world. Meaning that I kill those amongst us who would leave Sahova without permission, and then I kill those outsiders who are found to be less than welcome on this island."
- Farke's introduction to Hadrian
RaceNuit, formerly Human
Date of birth57 BV (aged 580)
Place of birthSunberth
TitleMember of the Council of Five on Sahova
Unarmed Combat53

Farke is a mysterious Nuit wizard and a member of the Council of Five on the island of Sahova. Officially in charge of Sahova's public relations, he is also in charge of covert ops and assassinations. By far the Sahovan wizard who has traveled the most in the post-Valterrian world, Farke seems to be involved in pretty much everything that goes on in Sahova. He is also one of very few Sahovans with actual melee combat proficiency.


Farke's appearance varies over time as he switches bodies like all Nuit undead. He always picks lean, physically fit male bodies and treats them with the utmost care. He is a regular guest at the Palsa Hydrasa, Sahova's embalming center, with the resident mistress Amaryllis outfitting Farke's bodies with his signature blades. There is a number of razor-sharp blades embedded in Farke's bones, most notably the final segment of his fingers. Farke can remove his fingertips and reveal scalpel-like claws. There are bigger switchblades mounted inside his tibias that will protrude from his knees if activated. It is said his bodies have even more surprises in store for the unlucky.


Farke is calm, collected and contemplative. He can be threatening and philosophical in the same sentence. Unlike other Nuit, he is not obsessed with his work; indeed, he is not a researcher or a bookworm type of wizard. When given a choice, he very much prefers to enjoy a sunny day laying on the grass and meditating on the meaning of it all. He enjoys traveling far away from Sahova, sometimes spending years elsewhere in Mizahar. He is quite knowledgeable regarding the Sylira region and has been in Taldera.

While no scholar, Farke is a natural talent at magic. He only practices Projection and the Flux, two of the more hands-on disciplines of magic, and is entirely self-taught. He has combined the two disciplines into a single, fluid combat artform in which he maneuvers his own body from the outside, thus compensating for the natural sluggishness of the Nuit.

No-one really knows much about Farke, not even his full name, but he is never far from the action. He is perhaps the only member of the Council of Five who is not unquestionably loyal to Qiao - indeed, who is not openly loyal to anyone. Qiao keeps him close, and under close scrutiny, but he is simply too useful to have around.


Farke was born in Sunberth, back when it was a mining town of the Alahean empire. He worked in the mines from a very early age, pushing carts through narrow passages with his head. It was a harsh environment, with fatal accidents happening almost daily. Violence among the miners was also common, with brutal deaths going almost unnoticed. At one point, Farke entered the underground fighting scene to supplement his meager income, possibly in order to support his family. Several fighters, like him, knew combat magic on a purely instinctual level, making the events both spectacular and extremely dangerous. One day, Farke beat five opponents in quick succession, then collapsed in a puddle of his own blood due to heavy Flux overgiving. His dying body was dumped out like refuse.

A member of the audience happened to be a visiting master of Animation who had been impressed with his performance. He had Farke transported to a laboratory and turned him into a Nuit undead before death could claim him. In return, Farke had to become the man's private bodyguard and spy. In the following years, Farke learned the art of patience and secrecy until his master died in mysterious circumstances. He found employment at the Royal Academy of Magic as a warden, joining Project Sahova in the same capacity as well as a consultant on Nuit matters.