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Farmer Driscoll

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Farmer Driscoll

Head of Syliran Fields
Date of birth458 AV (aged 65)
Place of birthSyliras
Gnosis marks

Farmer Driscoll is a Priest of Bala, and leads the farmers and ranchers in the Mithryn Outpost on behalf of the Syliran Knights, while Ser Tristan Whitevine organizes the government, papers, and politics and Ser Harris Frist organizes the military. He oversees the few hundred families who work the fields and orchards that provide the city of Syliras (and several other cities as well) with the food they need to survive.


Born to a long and illustrious line of farmers, Driscoll has worked the soil of the Syliran Fields since he was old enough to close his fingers into a fist. His great-great-grandfather was the first Farmer Driscoll, and each man has simply gone by the name for ease and continuity.

Driscoll also makes sure that peace is kept among the inhabitants of the outpost. Though the knights are the law throughout Syliras, they understand that it's easier for those who toil hardest to take orders from one of their own. As such, it is often up to Farmer Driscoll to play the role of the leader. He does his best, as did the men before him, and everyone gets by as well as they can.