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Mithryn Outpost

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Mithryn Outpost
RegionSouth of Syliras, Sylira region
NotabilityFood production for Syliras
LeaderFarmer Driscoll
CurrencyMiza, barter


The Mithryn Outpost is a small farming community located in the midst of the Syliran Fields. It is a fortified hamlet that is home to about 200 families who work the fields every day.


The Syliran Fields take up a massive stretch of land just off the coast of the Suvan Sea. They are located south of the fortified city of Syliras and include a stretch of the South Kabrin Road, and stretch north to the road which leads to Zeltiva. The Avitar River splits just north of the Fields, and is known colloquially as the Fertile Twins. The spring and autumn floods from these rivers make this an extremely valuable area for growing all manner of foodstuffs.

Idyllic, beautiful, and incredibly organized, the farmlands of Syliras are one of the jewels of Mizahar. It is divided into several sections which specialize in orchards, wheat, beans, rice, corn, various nuts, and other staples of the Syliran diet. However, ensuring these crops stay healthy and are harvested correctly requires a large number of skilled workers, and those individuals need a place to stay.

The Mithryn Outpost was built about fifty years after the founding of Syliras, when it became clear that the span of the fields would need to be extended and that it was taking too much time and energy for the workers to travel from the city each morning. Unfortunately, though the area near Syliras isn't nearly so dangerous as the Wildlands, it still isn't safe for farmers to camp in the open. And so the Knights sent their corp of stonemasons out to the fields to create a small village with the same level of fortification as the city itself. With Knights to guard them and access to whatever tools they required, the families of the Mithryn Outpost flourished.

Syliran Knights

The Mithryn Outpost houses the barracks for the Grey Company of the 4th Regiment, Gold Quadron. These knights, led by Stewart Knight Tristan Whitevine, are generally to be found guarding the walls of the outpost and keeping the peace among its citizens.

The fields themselves are guarded by the Green Company of the same regiment and Stewart Knight Harris Frist. The Knights in this company are specifically trained in Wilderness Survival, and many of them are followers of Oriana. Each Wing travels the Syliran Fields on their own and only occasionally reports their adventures to Ser Frist at the Outpost. Bandits, wild animals, poachers, and monsters all find themselves sooner or later facing the might of the Green Company.