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RaceNuit, formerly Human
Date of birth20 BV (aged 543)
Place of birthEastern Alahea

Guvronsek is an aloof and serious Nuit who stays in Sahova. He is part of Mashaen's ARMED Project, serving the Citadel as an authority on Summoning and Familiary.


Guvronsek is lanky and ungraceful. While he treats his body with respect, he doesn't care much for appearances, and only switches bodies when he really needs to. He has straight, waxy hair, with long fringes falling in front of his face. He wears a saffron robe and a black cloak. He always carries a staff with an enchanted shrunken human skull.


Guvronsek is a quiet, somber wizard. He rarely speaks, except when performing a lecture. While not unfriendly, he is neither charming nor accommodating. He does not sit well with impatient, raucous or meddlesome individuals. This attitude is attributed to a conflicted relationship with his Sarawanki, which resides inside his body and rarely shows itself.

Guvronsek does not mingle a lot with the other Sahovan Nuits, but takes in apprentices if they show potential. Owing to lack of proper manners and social skills, he does not treat students very kindly. He likes teaching using practical applications and simulating situations in order to let his students learn from experience.


Guvronsek does not remember a lot from his past life as a human, but his Sarawanki claims that he was a bright student "a long time ago". Although he considers this as a lie, his Sarawanki is likely correct because before the Valterrian, only the top students of the Royal Academy of Magic were allowed to obtain a familiar.

He is known to be a worshiper of Uldr for reasons unknown except from Boss Rubik. He shows hesitance in practicing his faith. Even if he is not an eager proselytizer, he is successful in encouraging potential believers.