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Date of birth352 AV (aged 171)
Place of birthRiverfall
TitleGeneral of The Rising Dawn
Unarmed Combat50

Harrol, or Kujol when his dark side is in control, is one of the rare akalaks who actually gets along with his darker half. It isn't so much that they like each other, but that they had to learn to work together in order to survive. Both sides are brave, aggressive, and strong willed, though Kujol is more willing to get his hands dirty than Harrol is. Both sides are in love with Siriana, and they have a private agreement to share her in equal parts. The twin souls take turns being in charge, and one day might be a Harrol day, then the next a Kujol day. Sometimes they halve the day, but however they do it, neither of them seem to fight for control. They work together.

Harrol was born in Riverfall, as most Akalaks. He was a strong, proud warrior and often went out on Zith hunts. On one such hunt his party was overwhelmed. Most of them were killed, but some were taken as slaves. The Zith, seeking to humiliate the Akalaks and break their will to escape, cut off that which made them men. They were castrated, unable to reproduce and further the Akalak race. For the most part, it broke them, Harrol included. It wasn't until years later that he finally escaped, and it was only after meeting Siriana.

As a slave he moved from place to place. At first he lived in a Zith colony, but eventually he was traded to human slavers, and eventually ended up in Ravok. Siriana freed him, long before she ever founded The Rising Dawn and nursed him back to health. There was nothing she, or the healer Meredith whom she traveled with, could do anything for his lost manhood, but they could restore the rest of his body. Siriana fell in love with Harrol and Kujol both, and they with her. When she told him why she was in Ravok, he willingly joined her cause. He has been fighting with the Rising Dawn ever since.