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Date of birth485 AV (aged 38)
Place of birthSyliras
TitleHealer of The Rising Dawn
Gnosis marks

Meredith is the healer of The Rising Dawn. Though she does not consider herself technically part of the order, she cannot condone the violence they must often resort to, she does offer heal to them whenever they need it. Meredith can be found in the hidden Rising Dawn safe house in the wilds off the shore of Lake Ravok. She rarely leaves, so one can almost always expect her to be their if they need help.

Meredith was a friend of Siriana when they both lived in Syliras. They grew up together, and though Siriana never knew it, Meredith was deeply in love with her. Unfortunately, Siriana did not share those feelings, and always went after the boys. Meredith was forced to keep her love a secret, but she didn't mind. So long as she got to be with Siriana, she was happy. When Siriana was asked to go to Ravok, Meredith refused to let her go alone. She wouldn't take no for an answer, and eventually Siriana consented to letting her come along. It was hard to say no to free good health and companionship, afterall.

When Siriana started the Rising Dawn, Meredith was against it. It was too dangerous, but Siriana explained to her that she had to do it. Meredith refused to play a direct role in the organization, but she did help to set up the safe house, and remains there still offering healing to any member of the organization that needs it. She is still in love with Siriana, but realizes that the woman will never return the feelings, and has come to accept her new relationship with the Akalak, Harrol.