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Siriana (Fiona)
Date of birth485 AV (aged 38)
Place of birthSyliras
TitleLeader of The Rising Dawn
Unarmed Combat65
Gnosis marks

Siriana, who also goes by the name of Fiona, is the leader of The Rising Dawn, though she would never claim such a title for herself, as well as a member of the Order of Radiance.

Siriana was born in Syliras, raised by a father who was in the Syliran Knights and a mother who was in the Order of Radiance. She was raised to believe in the teachings of both orders, and it was only natural for her to follow in one of their footsteps. She was closest to her mother, and when her mother left for a meeting of the Order Siriana was taken along with her. It was then that she met Priskil for the first time, and soon came to cherish the goddess not only as an icon of hope and vigilance, but as a true friend. It didn't take long for Priskil to mark the young woman, and Siriana quickly went to work doing whatever Priskil asked of her alongside her mother.

Eventually Priskil asked Siriana to go an investigate the threat of The Black Sun in Ravok, and under the guise of a woman of pleasures Siriana took up her post at the House of Immortal Pleasures in Ravok. She watched everything that went on in the city and eventually became disgusted by it all, going above and beyond Priskil's request and forming The Rising Dawn, a covert resistance organization designed to fight the corruption of Rhysol and ultimately drive him from Ravok. Though the Rising Dawn is small for the moment, Siriana hopes that one day they can see their mission to fruition.