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Hope and Justin

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Hope and Justin
Date of birth491 AV (aged 32)
Place of birthSyliras
TitleThe Lovers

The lovers from Mura's house of cards.


Hope is a rather slender woman, of no more than 5'5 in height. She has a slender face framed by soft brown hair, which ends a few inches below her shoulders. It is naturally straight, but with Justin's fingers constantly running through, it tends to curl, and tangle with his touch. This tends to exaggerate her facial features- slender nose, and forest green eyes, rosy red lips.

Justin stands at about 5'11 feet tall, and has a far more muscular build than his lover. He is almost always found without a shirt on, which he claims is due to the fact that Hope can't bear to not look directly upon at least a small portion of his lightly tanned skin. His ovular face, curved at the edges, is framed by short, cropped hair, similar in shade to Hope's own. It makes his hazel colored eyes pop.


Each understands what it means to be united with another. Each knows what it means to feel incomplete, and to then, find a sense of balance within the self, as well as the self when coupled with another. They each are abound with energy, full of passion for all things in life, not just each other, and are more than willing to go with the flow of daily life. They truly understand love, and hold it highly within their hearts, and are willing to teach others of their ways, if only they are not too busy.


Hope and Justin have known each other from early childhood, having grown up within the same corridor inside of Syliras' mighty castle. For ages, despite their parents forcing them to get together, and play with one another, seeing as they were of a similar age, they fought. Justin constantly pulling Hope's hair, poking her with sticks before running away, or making off with her favorite dolls or other toys. Hope sending her older brother out after him, or throwing tantrums in front of both their mothers, in order to bring down their wrath upon him.

It took Hope several years, into the age of her early adolescence, for her to realize that the stupid grin she saw on his face, each time he performed one of these acts, meant that he was trying to be playful, that he liked her. Soon after, she approached him, and discovered his true feelings. From there, their relationship changed into something else. She was still the girl being chased, but in a different manner, and she refused to chase back.

After several years of being presented with freshly picked flowers, and baked goods, among other things, a fondness developed in Hope's heart for Justin. Soon, she found herself in love too. Within a heartbeat it seemed that their affection for each other grew exponentially. It grew out of hand, into what some may consider to be an obsession or even an infatuation. But not to the lovers, not to the two who were now scorned by some of their society for being too open about their feelings.

Tired of being ridiculed, they fled, together to Mura, where they have lived ever since, in relatively, pure bliss.