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Huntell Alken

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Image:Scroll2.png "Magic without discipline is like a candle in a straw house."
- Huntell Alken of the Silencers
Huntell Alken

Watch how its done.
Date of birth484 AV (aged 39)
Place of birthAlvadas

Huntell Alken is a Silencer working for the Triad, and although he isn’t very high up in the ranks he is known for his signature use of the void. Feared by many citizens in Alvadas for wielding the magical powers, he tries to buy their favor whenever he is off duty by performing random acts of kindness, and trying to make everyone smile. Though under that smile lies the face of a murderer.


Huntell has a rather clean appearance, this mainly due to his past he has a phobia of being ‘dirty’. This is one of the most obvious ways that his history cropped up and affected him overall. The fear also extends to those who he is with. He usually wears a loose and airy azure tunic, with cotton pants. He stands about six foot even and has longer brown hair and brown eyes. His body has been trained since he was young and has kept in top shape. Toned and thin but not unhealthily. His drinking habits have not yet taken a toll on his appearance.


The man has quite the presence about him, and he is able to manipulate at will it seems. He is good at putting up masks and false fronts, hiding the pains and horrors of his job for the sake of others. When he is serious the people around him will know he is serious, and when he is in a more laid back mood it’s almost contagious. Many people would be wrong, but it’s rumored that he is rather skilled in Hypnotism though the truth of the matter is he just has that kind of personality.

There seems to be two sides to Huntell, the guy on duty, and the guy off duty. When the man is on a mission, he is on a mission. His focus is entirely on the goal or objective to complete. No none sense, and straight forward are two ways to describe him. This is because he knows any mistake, any distraction, any reason to divert his consciousness to another task could cost him his life, and that is something he values over all else. Huntell is convicted to the Silencers cause, and sees himself as a symbol of hope and peace through his violence and murder on behalf of Alvadas.

When Huntell is not on a job he is a whole different person. Usually he is fun, and really laid back, often liking a drink or two to help himself deal with the constant pressure of all the blood he has spilled. Even though he believes that the ones he executes deserve their demise, he still values a life, and it is those conflicted emotions that raise hell and rage within him. It is also those emotions that drive him to make sure, while not on a mission, to have as much fun as possible before he goes. If anyone knows how fast a life can be extinguished it is him.


As a boy Huntell had two childhoods, one where he was raised by his parents and the other where he was taken in by the Silencers. His parents were accomplished mages who worked for the Triad, and he had a comfortable life. His mother was a Voider, and his father was a Projectionist. That is until they were both deemed too dangerous, having shown many many signs of overgiving, and in the end they had to be Silenced. Huntell doesn’t talk about the incident much, but that was how he grew the fear of being ‘dirty’. Any dirt or blood that he finds on himself the man is forced to strip down and wash else he suffers an anxiety attack. Perhaps that is why he favors Voiding to dispose of most people. It’s a rare occurrence when he gets his hands dirty with another’s blood.

It was on the faithful night that his parents were silenced that he was taken in by the Silencers at a very early age. They took him to the temple and it was there the priests taught him about Ionu and the very nature of the city of illusion. Taught and when the child showed promise he was instructed in the ways of combat. It was then his fate was sealed, and when he showed even more skill in the combative arts, honing the magics that his parents had taught him, Projection and Voiding. Eventually, at the age of twenty, he became a full blown Silencer.