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Player Character
Date of birth1st of Spring 515 A.V.
Place of birthSyliras
Wilderness Survival30

Itt is a young Kelvic courier currently in the city of Ravok who was originally born in Syliras. While he's not well recognized by any means, it's common knowledge among those who do know him that he has a severe fascination with birds that can be seen even with his limited language skills. He currently seeks to learn about the world and culture around him, his curious mind always questioning, especially about the local birds and their instinct to fly.

Physical description

In his natural form, Itt is a Linnaeus’s two-toed sloth consisting of medium brown hair and two toes on his front legs and three on his back legs. He's 23 inches long and weighs around 9 1/2 pounds. Each hair strand has grooves which collect algae from his surroundings, oftentimes giving him a somewhat green tint to his appearance.

Itt is a fairly small sloth compared to others of his species. It is then safe to say that he is indeed fairly small compared to others in his human form. Itt stands at 5'2, has rich brown eyes, and a light and even complexion. His hair is a medium brown and is generally shaggy. There are countless knots within his messy hair and he only clears them out on occasions when he needs to wash it. Although his hair is a nice shade of brown, it's rather coarse and has several small ridges and grooves in each strand, similar to his sloth form, collecting algae over time. When he does not tend to it often, his hair begins to gather a green tint as the algae build-up.


Not much is known about Itt's past. Not only is he young and thus hasn't fully experienced what life has to offer, he doesn't remember much about where he came from due to his unobservant nature. He has vague memories of a mother and father who raised him when he was an infant, but when he was a child he was left by a tree just outside Syliras' gates. He hadn't seen his parents since and hadn't thought to look for them. For most of his life he lived just outside Syliras' gate, venturing in when he required additional food or safety. For about a year he lived a happily lazy life, watching people come and go from his home while he ate leaves from the branches above.

But one fateful day Itt made a mistake. A misstep had Itt plummeting from the tree he was dwelling in, causing him to land into the laps of slavers passing by. Itt was captured and brought Ravok to be sold. The slavers, however, were incompetent sailors, and while they rowed across Lake Ravok, the boat capsized, Itt falling into the water. The slavers lost sight of Itt and rowed to shore, leaving the Kelvic to fend for himself in the water. He was later picked up by another passing vessel and was freed by a woman named Shiress.

Ever since that day Itt had been roaming the canals of Ravok, learning as much as he could. While it has been a slow process due to him not knowing any language, he's slowly been learning about all the things he's missed out on living outside of Syliras as well as all the things he wished he never knew.

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