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Job Threads are IC threads that you do to gain your Seasonal Wages. Most domains require 2 job threads to gain full wages (whole season wage), one job thread equals to half-wages. Job threads must be at least 2500 words each (five posts with 500 words each) and must include your character doing their job throughout the entire thread.

The math for wages is as such:

(Base Pay * Skill modifier) * work days = wage

Example, Ron is working as a hunter with a base pay of 5 GM/day, and he has Competent level in Hunting skill, then he did 2 job threads for the Summer seasons of 513 A.V (counts as 91 days), so he will receive:

(5 * 1.5) * 91 = 7 (rounded down from 7.5) * 91 = 637 GM


  • Job threads can be solo or co-op. As long as your character is doing their occupation in a significant part of the thread.
  • Job threads do not have to be graded for wages submission.
  • Job threads are like any normal thread and thus can be submitted for grading to be awarded XP and lore.
  • Even when multiple seasons has passed, you can still submit your past job threads once you completed them. For example: Currently season is Spring 514 A.V. Ron has 2 job threads in Summer 512 A.V that hasn't been submitted, Ron can still submit those.
  • Wages can only be awarded by a Domain Storyteller or above as they have access to your character's Storyteller Secrets. If a domain closes, please migrate to, or start in a city that does have support. Storytellers can not award wages in closed domains.
  • Extra Job-related threads (more than 2) can be used to get Seasonal Experience.