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Kaden Avin

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Kaden Avin

The Valintar
Date of birth468 AV (aged 55)
Place of birthWind Reach
TitleThe Valintar
Musical Instrument: Drums67



Kaden Avin is an Ex-Endal who is now the Valintar of Wind Reach. He is a avid Falconer and he keeps several birds as pets and often carries them with him save for a thunder bay eagle who's name is Starvine. Starvine roams the twin lakes areas and maintains a permanent residence in the Valintar's office or Kaden's personal quarters He is also a fantastic drummer and plays at most city events and festivals.


Kaden is the classic Inarta. He has short red hair that flows well with his short stature and red freckled body and face. He is not a pain to look at, but he is not necessarily handsome either.


Kaden Avin is one of the few Endal (Ex, in this case) who can be easily approached by any other Caste member. He tends not to discriminate harshly, but instead views each person as part of the whole, the city, rather than an individual. When challanged he will speak his mind and is not afraid to use his authority over people when required. However he tends to have an aura of leadership about him that usually quells any questioning that may arise before it does.

The Valintar

The Valintar is the supreme leader of Wind Reach. Kadin Avin presides over the Council of Masters and collaborates with the Tavin. Kaden assigns all Castes to each Yasi turning 15 as well as any Caste changes due to marriage, deaths, education, etc. He also manages all the food rations alongside Chef Davoid He can be found almost always at the Valintar's Office.