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The Tavin, or the Tavinar (male)and Tavina (female) are the presiding leaders over the Endal Caste in Wind Reach. There are always two Tavin which are comprised of the oldest mated pair of Endal and their Eagles. If one of the pair dies, it is the duty of the remaining to accept the newly chosen Tavin into their lives.

Currently Yoletta (Astrid) and spouse Ryhon (Koyl)


Although the Tavin's main duty is to rule over the Endal Caste, they have many other responsibilities. The Tavin are in charge of determining the continuing ability of the current Valintar. They have the power to revoke his position if he is deemed unfit as well as the power to choose and place a new Valintar when in need of one.

As the leader of the Endals, the Tavin oversee the daily functioning of the Caste. They place newly bonded Inarta and Eagles into their positions and direct Wings and Wingleaders.


The Tavin are selected by the Council of Elders and are usually chosen form the Endal members of the Council of Masters, however this is not a requirement. They reside under the rule of the Valintar.


The Tavin pair is the second highest ranking members of the Wind Reach Inarta society. They answer only to each other and the Valintar. Below them is the Council of Masters from which the Tavin are usually chosen by the Council of Elders. The Tavin are responsible for choosing the Valintar as well as determining the continuing ability to lead of the current Valintar. They have the power to revoke the Valintar's position if they deem him unfit. The Tavin rule over the Endal Caste mainly, though they have authority over all other Castes if need be.