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Kalista D'Lani

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Image:Scroll2.png "We cannot exist without Laviku and his waters. Respect him. Fear him."
- Kalista D'Lani
Kalista D'Lani
Date of birth46 AV
Place of birthMura
Date of death107 AV (aged 61)
Place of deathSuvan Sea
TitleDeceased Champion of Laviku
Various othersVarious
Gnosis marks

Kalista D'Lani was one of the first Konti ever as well as the first post-Valterrian Champion of Laviku. Instrumental in leading the Svefra and ocean animals into the Suvan Sea, she explored a great majority of it and indeed is credited as its first great cartographer. A highly respected figure in the turbulent post-Valterrian years, her death by unknown assailant(s) is still one of the greatest mysteries in Mizahar, despite efforts on the behalf of Laviku to determine his Champion's murderer.


Kalista lived in an age when Konti were relatively unknown to the other races of Mizahar, and thus many accounts describing her are wildly over the top in praising her looks. One account by an early Svefra sailor describers her as a "Goddess cloaked in flesh" as well as "outstripping Cheva in her beauty". While these accounts are perhaps a bit erroneous, it is a well-known fact Kalista carried with her the traditional konti beauty, sporting flawless ivory skin and pale-blond hair. Her eyes were as deep as the ocean, hinting towards her relationship with Laviku, and the scales of her skin almost seemed to glow with a blue light. She dwelt in two worlds, one above ground and one below water, and seemed perfectly happy in both.


As wild and passionate as the oceans which she guarded, Kalista was perhaps the first "abnormal Konti". While she was a peaceable creature like her pale sisters and tended to avoid conflict, she had a taste for adventure and freedom like no other. Known for changing on a single whim, the only constant about her was her deep reverence and love for the sea.

Often noted as the calming balm to Laviku's merciless nature, Kalista was a healer and a lover before a fighter. While Laviku gives no quarter and let things be, Kalista tended to the denizens of the water as best she could. While she helped people and animals repair from wounds, she was well known for staying out of conflicts. Her motto was "Help them build themselves up, but never fight their battles for them", and that was what she did with the ocean life under her command.


Born in the year of 46 A.V., Kalista is one of the first konti ever recorded. While her sisters were more in tune with their gentle mother, Avalis, Kalista favored their turbulent father, Laviku. Drawn to the water from a very early age, she quickly devoted herself to Laviku's way. The Sea King saw potential in his young offspring, and tasked her with helping him in discovering the newest part of his domain - the Suvan Sea. She was one of the first explorers of the region, instrumental along with several others in introducing Svefra and ocean life into the stagnant region. After becoming a Priestess, she set up a Temple to Laviku on an island that now bears her name, but never really had the time to preach at it. Laviku needed a Champion to replace his last one, and Kalista D'Lani had quickly become invaluable to him. He selected her.

As Laviku's first post-Valterrian Champion, he tasked her with doing certain things in his name. One of which was helping the seas recover from the terrible devastation of said cataclysm. While he and his domain had been less damaged than the other Gods due to Avalis' warning visions, damage had still been done - damage that needed fixing. Repairing this damage took Kalista far and wide, from the Suvan Sea to the corners of the known world.

In the year of 107, Kalista came back to the Suvan from a trip elsewhere. She had received rumors of illicit things being done on several small islands in the Northern Suvan Sea, and went in to investigate. She never returned. After a while, a ship was sent in to find Kalista, only to see the horrifying scene of her dead in a pool of her own blood. The assailant(s) that killed her was never found, though several other pools of blood were, suggesting that Kalista had engaged in a battle with her foes. Perhaps she had even killed some of them (one would think a Champion would be a bit hard to kill) but, if she had, the bodies had been removed. Investigating further into the islands gave up no more clues, and any and all activities on the island had been cleaned up. As a result of the horrific history the small islets had, they became known by a rather unsettling name - the Blood Isles.

To this day, no one in sure who killed Kalista D'Lani, despite no little effort on the behalf of the followers of Laviku. Rumored murderers have ranged from Rhysol to Krysus to any other number of suspects, but no one knows for certain.