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Kaylana Natra

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Kaylana Natra

Kaylana Natra - Adviser to Syliras
Date of birth386 AV (aged 137)
Place of birthKonti Isle
TitleLoren Dyres's Konti Advisor in Syliras
Weapon (Bone Sai)67
Gnosis marks

Kaylana Natra is considered one of the most prominent Konti 'Seers' in Sylira. At one hundred and twenty three years of age, the delicate beauty is Loren Dyres' personal adviser and lover. Kaylana and her family have always served the Dyres' from the very founding of Syliras itself. Kaylana is incredibly artistic and has been known to run her household with a very hands on and iron fist coated in a velvet glove. Soft spoken with an ethereal surreal beauty, Kaylana is often mistaken for being fragile, though that is about as far from the truth as possible.


Known and well beloved in the city of Syliras, she is a common figure at the Council of Nine meetings and can often be found in the company of Loren Dyres,Syliras' Leader. Having served the Dyres Family since the tender age of 9 when Kaylana's visionary talent burst into effectiveness she knew without a doubt that was her destiny. The young Konti girl packed a few meager belongings and left the White Isle to make her way to Syliras where she presented herself in court. The Natras had long served the Dyres so it was no surprise to anyone in her family that she'd be the next to serve. Upon her arrival, her grandmother was thrilled and stayed to oversee Kaylana's training personally. After Kaylana reached maturity, Grandmother Narisa retired to Konti Isle and live out the rest of her life in leisure. No one objected to the Konti childs presence at court when it was discovered her visions were even more powerful than her grandmothers. Kaylana is rumored to be very close to Loren Dyres, and even though some of the other advisers often dispute the rumors of her being Lord Dyres' lover.

Though she was just a girl still, Kaylana's visions hit her full force at age nine. Resourceful, proud, belonging to an inner circle bloodline, the child set off at an early age to go find the man she was destined to serve. It was a pity he wasn't even born yet. So instead, she served his grandfather as her own grandmother had, and waited through human generations for a grandson to be born that she was destined to fall in love with. In many ways, it was no surprise that a daughter of Laviku would set off alone across wilderness to present herself at Syliras' doorstep with the quiet explanation that she was 'home' and should be let in.