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Date of birth290 AV (aged 233)
Place of birthMura
TitleThe Star
Gnosis marks

The star at Mura's house of cards.


When Syna rules the sky, Lacerta stands at 5'7 feet tall, and weighs 142 pounds. She has smooth, pale skin. She has slender, almond-shaped eyes, which are a light green shade, with pupils dark as night. Her face is an oval shape, with high cheek bones. It is framed by long, wavy, dark red hair, which is almost always worn in a braid. Woven into the slender leather cords she uses to tie her hair back, are a series of brightly colored glass beads and painted feathers. Her tiny nose has been pierced, and she wears a simple gold stud just above her left nostril. The rest of her body appears long and lean.

When Leth rules the sky, Lacerta stands at approximately 6'3 feet tall, and weighs 156 pounds. Her iridescent skin glimmers a milky white with deep blue and silver undertones. Her large, almond-shaped eyes are a cobalt shade, with the occasional violet fleck around the edges; her pupils a small pit of darkness against the vibrance of her irises. Her face is rather ovular, with high cheek bones, and flawless skin. It is framed by long, wavy hair, which changes color with the seasons, as do her horns, which curl like a ram's. In the winter, Lacerta's hair takes on a silver shade, while her horns become a deep violet. In the fall, her hair is a white gold, while her horns become a soft yellow, like the sun's first rays. In the spring, her hair is a lavender grey, while her horns become the color of the moon. In the summer, her hair is the color of a raven's feathers. Her horns become a dusky blue.


Quiet and introspective, the star sparkles from her high perch, oft on her own. She is the player one would seek out when trying to regain hope during hard times. One to wish upon for a brighter future, for she will always lend an ear. She is that peaceful person to be reached whenever one is in pain, she is the one that guides all out of the darkness, and into lighter times. The one to lead, the one to help. The one to offer her generosity and skill whenever one seeks it out.