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Language List

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The following language chart contains a quick look at all the races and which languages they speak.

Racial Language List

File:Akalak_mini.jpg Akalak Tukant - Common
File:Akvatari_mini.jpg Akvatari Common
File:Benshira_mini.jpg Benshira Shiber - Common
File:Chaktawe_mini.jpg Chaktawe Tawna - Common
File:Charoda_mini.jpg Charoda Char - Common
File:Dhani_mini.jpg Dhani Snake-Tongue - Common
File:Drykas_mini.jpg Drykas Pavi - Common
File:Ethaefal_mini.jpg Ethaefal Common - Original Form's Native Language
File:Eypharian_mini.jpg Eypharian Arumenic - Common
File:Ghost_mini.jpg Ghost Various - Common
File:Human_mini.jpg Human Various - Common
File:Inarta_mini.jpg Inarta Nari - Common
File:Isur_mini.jpg Isur Isur - Common
File:Jamoura_mini.jpg Jamoura Jamourian - Common
File:Kelvic_mini.jpg Kelvic Common - Various Human Languages
File:Konti_mini.jpg Konti Kontinese - Common
File:Minimixed.jpg Mixed Blood Various - Common
File:Myrian_mini.jpg Myrian Myrian - Common
File:Nuit_mini.jpg Nuit Common - Original Form's Native Language
File:Pycon_mini.png Pycon Common
File:Svefra_mini.jpg Svefra Fratava - Common
File:Symenestra_mini.jpg Symenestra Symenos - Common
File:Vantha_mini.jpg Vantha Vani - Common
File:Zith_mini.jpg Zith Zithanese - Common