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Laria Skyglow

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Laria Skyglow

Clothier of Avanthal
Date of birth465 AV (aged 58)
Place of birthAvanthal
TitleOwner of Laria's Furs
Clothing Design75
Gnosis marks

Physical Description

Laria is average height for a Vantha woman, at about 5'6. Her hair is long and dark, curling down past her shoulders. She loves to dress warmly and beautifully since her trade lies in the art of clothing design. She usually can be found wearing all kinds of jewelry, as well as beautifully crafted clothes.


Laria is both the owner and the main tailor for Laria's Furs, working alongside her son, Arvas Skyglow. At 48 years old, she has been sewing and designing for over 30 years, thus gaining recognition as the producer of the finest garments in the whole of Avanthal. She sees it as her duty to ensure that the city’s people are clothed appropriately to survive the harsh weather they are faced with, and corners are never cut when meeting a customers needs. She is an upbeat woman, forever smiling, and she seems to possess a charm that could win over a hungry dire wolf in an instant.