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Leth's Light

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Background, Appearance and Abilities

Leth's Light: Insight into Critical Thinking is a journal written by one of Leth's famous priests, Pyrathis Nilam, who broke critical thinking into seven parts and discussed how society reformed after the Valterrian and the philosophy involved. It not only discusses the seven parts of critical thinking but also how society, in post-Valterrian Mizahar, has related to their environment as influenced by magic and The Gods. Several Gods are discussed in the book including Leth, Syna, Ivak, Sylir & his son Glav Navik, Rhysol, Priskil and Qalaya. This book introduces key philosophical arguments and makes many leaps and bounds from idea to practical application, citing examples from the last 500 years of history.


  1. Analyzing
  2. Applying Standards
  3. Discriminating
  4. Information Seeking
  5. Logical Reasoning
  6. Predicting
  7. Transforming Knowledge


Leth's Light
heightWeek Challenge (29th-3rd)Gossamer awards the challenge winners.