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Seed of Misery.
Threat levelLow to Extreme
Major featuresA pseudopod like torso growing from a writhing slag seed.
AbilitiesDispenses and feeds on Misery
Most common inSunberth, Slag Heap.


The Lirindrion Seed is a fragment monster who wallows in a perpetual state of misery. Born from the death of the Burning Rose of Hatred, It is a shard of Lisirra that still lingers on after the Alvina's death. While sentient, It only knows that it requires true depression, desolation, wretchedness, and misery to sustain itself. It’s long since seeped its way to the surface, and releases its putrid waste back into the world which forever keep the Slag Heap Fire of Sunberth burning.

The Lirindrion exists deep underground below the Slag Heap within a pod chamber of its own putrid waste. It interacts with few, yet the ambient effects of its existence has seeped into the mind of the people of Sunberth for generations. Peace, civilization, happiness, and love. They are all things which the seed influences the city away from. It is why the culture of Sunberth is one of anarchy festering with despair. A city stuck in a cycle of wanton self-neglect and stagnation.


The Lirindrion Seed’s lower body is fluid in appearance, as though a large pod of writhing inky fluid from which protrudes the torso of a feminine humanoid figure. It moves like that of a vine, absent of the restrictions of bone as it can twist or turn without need of joints. Its clawed hands grasping outwards when it works its djed like reimancy, spewing its arcane slag to shape its surroundings. It cares nothing about its past even though its twisted face vengefully resembles that of the deceased goddess from which it was spawned.

Knowledge of the Lirindrion Seed

It remains a true mystery to the city. The Lirindrion Seed has existed under Sunberth fully content to remain hidden, never caring to seeking anything or change. Its very nature has built a city which detests magic, leaving few to study the rare signs of its existence. It has on extremely rare occasions directly influenced individuals around the Slag Heap to do its bidding.