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TitleThe Burning Rose
Divine rank4
SymbolsA burning rose

Lisirra was the Alvina of Hate and Daughter of Cheva. Lisirra has been gone from the world for many centuries and is presumed dead. What is known of her has been gathered from a number of fragmented histories regarding Hate and the time in which she reigned. While a more complete history would have been available before the Valterrian, there are only a few fractured pieces remaining; most of which are kept away from common eyes.

Long before Cheva, Goddess of Love partnered with Rhaus, God of Music, and had a child, Sivah, God of Celebration, Cheva fell in love with a mortal man. From him she bore a child, a girl whom she named, Lisirra. Unlike many Alvina, Lisirra was raised by her divine mother instead of her mortal father. Mother showered daughter with love and affection and tried as she might to instill in her child the same values that she held so close. Unfortunately, Lisirra didn't take well to her mother's teachings. A child divided between the divine and mortality, Lisirra's own conflicted soul would not allow her to accept Cheva's teachings as being the only thing in life. Frustration turned to resentment turned to...hate.

Lisirra rebelled and fled her mother's divine realm for that of the mortals. Instead of the seed of love planted in her heart, something much darker began to grow. No matter how hard her mother tried to change Lisirra's path, hatred continued to grow within her daughter. Her divine blood empowered her such that the hatred of mortals fueled her and only enhanced the problem. Lisirra's hatred would focus on a single individual, city, race or ideal. No matter the focus of her hate, Lisirra would stop at nothing until it was humiliated, broken or even destroyed. Mortal hate empowered her and in turn she empowered it. Lisirra grew dangerously close to attaining true godhood through unbridled hate.

What happened next is not clearly known. It is believed that the gods became concerned over the growing influence of hate over the mortal world. It is said that Izurdin, Cheva, Gnora and Priskil banded together to contain and if need be, eliminate Lisirra before she became too much of a threat. Cheva was crushed by this and it is believed that because of Lisirra, she chose to avoid falling in love; that is until she met Rhaus.


Appearance and Personality

Lisirra was said to be darkly beautiful with black hair and venomous eyes. She had the tendency to take great offense at the smallest slights and her resulting wrath was passionately torturous. Those who were graced with her presence claimed that every word she spoke had a venomous edge such that even if she wasn't focusing her hatred upon you, you felt that she was. Although filled with hatred, Lisirra was honest and honorable; always would she keep a vow, for better or for worse. Indeed she was the dark mirror of her mother.


What is known of Lisirra's followers is that those who embraced hatred in the name of Lisirra were granted necklaces of teeth made from those who had fallen victim to the Alvina's hate. The necklaces were said to contain a single onyx stone carved into the shape of a rose along with a dozen teeth and that, by crushing one of the teeth, one could focus their own hatred in a terrifying way. The individual, upon crushing a tooth, would be physically consumed by hate and become impervious to mundane physical damage and pain until the object of their hate was eliminated. The entire ritual only worked so long as the object of one's hatred was immediately present.


Although Lisirra took many lovers in her life, it is unknown whether or not she bore any children. If she had, they would have long since died and the Araka bloodline would have died long ago.


Lisirra hated her mother, Cheva for trying to make her into something she didn't want to be. As for the other gods and goddesses, Lisirra had no allies. At Cheva's request, Izurdin attempted to teach Lisirra patience with less than positive results. Gnora and Priskil attempted to show her hope and wisdom in an effort to temper Lisirra's hate but that too failed. In the end, the gods did something to Lisirra to end the threat she posed.


Hatred continues among the mortals of Mizahar however it's intensity remains in check in Lisirra's absence. Among the few scholars who have knowledge of Lisirra, it is believed that as the people of Mizahar continue to recover from the Valterrian, hatred will inevitably grow as inequality, racial, cultural and social divides increase. Could Lisirra return? How would the past and present shape her rebirth? Would she be tempered or would she unleash an onslaught of hatred pent up for more than a millennium?