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Lthgri of the Slitted Throat

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Lthgri of the Slitted Throat
Date of birth55th of Summer 458 AV
Place of birthSunberth
TitleHomestead Matron & protector.
GnosisProwess lvl 2
Weapon: Spear88
Unarmed combat60
Weapon: Wooden Shield55
Wilderness Survival51
Animal Husbandry48

Lthgri of the Slitted Throa is a farmer in Sunberth who is the wife of Eston Moriander. She primarily protects their homestead called The Moriander's Homestead.


Lthgri of the Slitted Throat was once a soldier of Taloba. She was raised and lived her life as a member of the Taloban army who became a member of the Bahadur. That was until she had to leave the jungle to chase down slavers who dared to capture Myrians off the coast as if they were some sort of prized pets. The hunt led her on quite the adventure all the way to Sunberth where she met Eston in their younger days. They together rescued the lost members of her clan and sent them back home to Taloba. The epic tale is a story their kids are all now tired of hearing. She's remained in Sunberth ever since, feeling some manner of pride in her mate to stick around with him for a little longer.