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The Moriander's Homestead

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The most well known of the settlement on the Agremmon Fields is The Moriander's Homestead which became the largest farmstead in Sunberth after expanded their landholdings by annexing the properties previously known as 'Downe Acres' which belonged to their now slain rivals, The Downe family, into their personal homestead. Many things are done on this farm, things both legitimate and things no so legitimate.



The Moriander's Homestead continues to serve to grow food and other assorted 'goods' for sale in Sunberth's climate of chaos. Besides these developed lands, the Moriander lay claim to about five square miles of the south woods that they care for. This makes them neighbors of Natlana, and Max Aquillar who run the Aquillar Hot Springs a good five miles distance away. Although, now most of that land lay burnt and ruined after a fire that spilled over from the Pulp Drug Fields above them. The Moriander Homestead's products tend to help supply the Aquillar; though they do seek other sources of commerce in a neutral manner with other businesses of Sunberth.


At first glance, this farm may look like a rundown, beat up pile of boards, dirt and manure, but through the right eyes, it was no less than paradise. Nestled at the base of a small hill range to the west of the city and a forested area to the south, the farm also has a small pond that runs north of the homestead used for irrigation that seems to come from an underground stream leading from the Sunberth River. In the other two directions is farmland as far as one can see, and farther. Eston Moriander is the current owner of this particular homestead and kept by his rather larger family.

There are a number of buildings on this farm from small cottages, to a central farmhouse, to a barn with silo and chicken coop. Each building is simple in design and decor save for one stone building. Its a two-story family home belonging to Eston Moriander. On the outside of the buildings is where the most damage can be found, the inside is much better cared for.

Quads and Goods

The Moriander's Homestead primarily raises chickens, cattle, and wheat. The buildings are all centralized on the farm, the rest of the land divided into four quadrants of trapezoids. Each quad would be named according to direction (north, south, east towards the city, and west.)


The Moriander Family Eston's wife is Lthgri of the Slitted Throat from who was born their six children. From eldest to youngest sons by a year: Esdon (23yrs), Aathan, Emrick, and Ansai. His two youngest twin daughters Zulana and Estrana round out the group.

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