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Date of birth48 BV (aged 571)
Place of birthSahova
TitleMashaen's loyal servant
Gnosis marks

Jilitse (real name Yaska Reqire) is a Nuit golem maker from Sahova.


Physical description

Jilitse walks with uncanny grace, as if floating in smooth lithe movements. She talks and murmurs quite often to herself, her sensual lips never parting big enough to let others see her greying tongue. Her voice is flat, if not chilly - it gives off a monotonous timbre that makes others shudder, especially if she looks at them in the eye. She always wears a tiny curved smile, posture erect and elegantly poised.

Jilitse's fashion clock is out of date, seen by the manner by which she would prefer clothes that are never in style. She rarely travels without a cloak. She had recently been copying the way Benshirans dress, choosing hues ranging from blue to gray. Her face is simple and has a sickly appearance to it. Her built slowly deteriorates in time as the body she wears succumbs to the natural cycle of death.


Alahea, Before the Valterrian

Yaska Reqire grew up without any magical inclinations, not that she had the talent even if she wanted to learn a magical craft. She learned gadgeteering from her father, a golem maker, who later introduced her to Animation. While Yas picked up her father's tinkering abilities, but feared magic, knowing that her mother died due to sweet whispers. It was almost a surprise that she later enrolled in the Academy, where she struggled as a student and leaned towards the world magic of Animation.

Yaska never had a career as a wizard. It was in her nature, perhaps, due to being her father's assistant, to never take the wheel. She was used to being ordered around - always followed instructions and never complained. She found herself enlisted as Saghal Hrinn's laboratory assistant - a short-lived duty, but significant nonetheless. The experience enabled her to become apprentice to Zarik Mashaen, one of the greatest Animators during her time.

She was an absolutely zealous assistant, to the point of total loyalty to Mashaen. It wasn't just because she was destined for a life of servitude - her ambition rested on assisting the one man she had ever admired. Yaska fell in love with her mentor - she never told Mashaen, but she had suspicions that the man already knew. But she loved him still, even after he got married and had his own children.

Yaska even offered herself up as a test subject for Mashaen's ARMED Project, otherwise known as Project Sahova. It was the only achievement in her life, in which she had to beg Sagallius to "please let her join". The Benshiran probably found her pathetic and expected her to die. And she did, only to live again as a Sahovan Nuit.

Drainira's Rebellion

Involvement with Priskil

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