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Full nameLynkin
RaceHuman (Nykan)
Date of birth453 AV (aged 70)
Place of birthNyka
TitleJewelcrafter at the Blinding Light Studio
Business Management25
Gnosis marks


Lynk comes from a long line of Xannos Monks. He is in charge of The Blinding Light Studio and has been since the studio opened. Lynk is a very dedicated monk and a jewelcrafter of significant renown. He always takes several apprentices and often keeps them until the dangerous life monks lead in Nyka affects their lifespan or ability to cut and set gemstones or work precious metal. Lynk is approachable with a very subtle sense of humor. He finds great joy in what he does, but feels he is too old to be out on the streets defending the city when there are younger more vivacious monks to do that work. So instead he practices politics in the Xannos Headquarters, maintains rivalries among other craftsman monks in the system, and serves Xannos and Nyka’s people as best he can. Lynk is also a choirmaster of a Xannos Monk Choir that meets ever third day in the Tempered Anvil Headquarters. As such, Lynk can often be heard singing throughout his studio as he works. He has a lovely tenor voice.


Lynklin likes to surround himself with apprentices who are in Xannos' Order. At any given time he might have anywhere from one to five living under his roof. In addition to apprentices in Jewelcrafting, he takes on those interested in engraving or business management. Lynk runs a choir that sings in Xannos' honor at the Tempered Anvil Headquarters events. Choir practice is once every three-day in which Lynklin drives his choir pupils mercilessly.

Credit to Shade