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Maenes Frostfawn

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Maenes Frostfawn

Maenes Frostfawn
Date of birth491 AV (aged 32)
Place of birthAvanthal
TitleArchery Instructor
Bowing and Fletching45
Gnosis marks


Maenes is on the shorter side for a Vantha woman standing at 5'0. She has a very athletic looking body, with fairly muscular arms from her excessive use of the bow, and relatively long legs in comparison to her torso. Even though she is so short, she is often considered to be intimidating, partially because of how well-built she is, partially because of her training methods. Maenes has a round face, with clear skin, that is somewhat light for a Vantha. Her face is framed by thick, straight black hair which tumbles down to an inch below her shoulders. Interwoven throughout the black, are streaks of deep blue and purple, although, they are oftentimes difficult to see. Her eyes are usually a dark brown, with tiny purple flecs that look like an iris when it first blooms. Her nose is small, and appears to be lost in the center of her face from time to time. Her lips are full, a bright hibiscus pink, that shows up quite well against her skin. Although she seldomly smiles, those who witness it will notice how warm it makes them feel, and how straight and white her teeth are; like the snow that surrounds her homeland.


Maenes isn't a member of the Icewatch, per se, as much as she is one who is employed by them. She may often be found in the Frostfawn Hold at night, and at the archery range during the day, before it gets too dark to shoot. She is employed as one of the two archery teachers for the Icewatch, but unlike Ceruven Coolwater, she teaches the shortbow, and from time to time, will make a custom bow for some of her students. Also, unlike Ceruven, she is far more traveled. She is said to have left to city in order to practice her skill at the age of 17, she returned in the Fall of 510 AV, when she was only 19. She is currently twenty years old. No one knows for sure where she went during this time, although, based off her methods, it is believed that she has studied under Ildin in Mura, although this has never been confirmed.

Her teaching method differs from others in the sense that she is quite tough, and only takes on a few students at a time. Never more than three. Maenes hand picks her students, often based off their current level of skill, and what she calls their "heart," essentially, their desire to learn. She is a tough teacher, and expects her students to practice on their own, so that they may grow by leaps and bounds. She will work her students to the end of their limits, doing her best to break their bodies but not their spirits. It is in this way that she teaches them obedience; and how to follow orders. She does not tolerate those who complain for long or those who slack off. If Maenes views her students as too lazy, she is likely to drop them, and search for someone she deems more worthy of her time and effort. The only exception to this rule is if one of her students becomes seriously injured. She also loathes quitters, and will often make those who choose to give up on their learning look like utter and complete fools. How she accomplishes this depends on the person who quit.