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Ceruven Coolwater

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Ceruven Coolwater

Longbow Instructor
Date of birth486 AV (aged 37)
Place of birthAvanthal
TitleIcewatch Archery Instructor
Gnosis marks


Ceruven is on the taller side for a Vantha, standing at 5'9, he weighs approximately 160 pounds. He is comprised of mainly muscle, considering how much he works out. Between the use of his bow, and the numerous hunts and fishing trips he has been a part of, his arms and legs have become rather well-developed, more so than the center of his body.

Ceruven has a relatively round face, with high cheekbones, that are masked by slender black hairs; five o'clock shadow. His facial hair matches that atop his head, black with the occasional purple streak, cut a few inches from the scalp. Even so, Ceruven's hair manages to accentuate his facial features, and clear skin. His eyes are an almond shape, his irises typically found to be a hazel color, which simply denotes his calm and patient nature.


Much like Maenes Frostfawn, Ceruven isn't a true member of the Icewatch, he is merely employed by them. He spends a longer period of time at the range than Maenes, and sometimes, has been known to clean up after the other archers, retrieving lost arrows, and switching out over-used targets. Unlike Maenes, he teaches longbow. He is no where near as talented, although, he has been known to have a far nicer approach to teaching than his counterpart. He also never turns students down. He is rather patient, and willing to work into the night if he has to. The 25 year old has never traveled, and is unlikely to do so as well due to his strong attachment to the city of snow. Thus, he only speaks a few languages, making it difficult for any outsiders to learn from him. When he is not working, he may be found fishing or hunting walruses, or at his Hold.