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The Chevas Mark on a groom's neck. The bride's mark is not visible, being on the opposite side of her neck.

"Marriage" in Mizahar is a common practice, but because the Goddess Cheva claims this rite as part of her own influence, there are significant differences from what one might be accustomed to. Jewelry is not routinely given to symbolize the exchange of vows and commitment, though some cultures might honor this practice through their own tradition. Instead, when sincere vows are made, a Chevas mark appears on the left side of a person's neck slightly below and behind their ear once their oath has been spoken.

This Chevas mark resembles a tattoo but is slightly raised and often has a metallic sheen to it (gold, silver, bronze, copper, etc). Chevas marks come in sets. If a man and woman marry, their marks will be identical. If a man and a man marry, the same can be said. If, for example a Drykas male takes multiple wives, his Chevas mark will be identical to his first wife's mark, and later when a second wife is taken, her mark (after the exchange of vows) will be identical to the first two marks of the original couple. Thus it is important to note that while some cultures practice polygamy, the vows exchanged do not exclusively include only the male. All parties in the marriage must vow to all other parties in the group marriage, and, as members of the group are added, existing Chevas marks may alter to reflect the addition of the new member to the marriage and thus the mark's design.

Each set of Chevas marks are unique. One couple's Chevas marks will be completely different to a Drykas triad's or quartet's marks. The designs themselves often incorporate something meaningful to the couple, but they are always located in the same spot. Chevas marks will only disappear through divorce, death, or the deliberate breaking of vows. Violence and force that results in the unwilling breaking of vows will not cause a Chevas mark to disappear. When a Chevas mark disappears off one partner in the group, it will disappear off both partners. In a group marriage, if only one partner has died, broken vows, or divorces, the Chevas marks on the other individuals involved will remain, though the design itself might alter.

While death and divorce will make the Chevas mark vanish, a Lacun mark remains to represent the loss, whether welcomed or not. This is done in the recognition of the importance of the initial bond, whether it brought pain or joy. Lacun marks vary as to the individual, taking on a shape indicative of their feelings about the marriage. Lacun are generally smaller than Cheva marks and more discreetly placed, just over the heart. However, they are just as difficult to conceal as a Chevas.

A Chevas mark cannot be concealed by makeup and will survive to be displayed even after morphing and Kelvic shapeshifting. Illusionism will conceal a Chevas mark, though any gnosis that can normally see through an illusion can see a Chevas mark as well. A simple cloth scarf, high-necked piece of clothing, or long hair will effectively conceal a Chevas mark from casual sight.

Because of the routine appearance of Chevas marks, no priests, leaders, or ship captains need be present for the ceremony. Marriages can be held privately between the individuals involved. However, throughout Mizahar, marriages are traditionally times of great joy and call for celebrations. Almost always, vows are exchanged in front of friends and family with elaborate ceremonies attached. These ceremonies vary widely throughout cultures and geography.

Chevas marks are in no way associated with Cheva's Gnosis. They grant no arcane or divine gifts. Cheva herself rarely appears at marriage ceremonies, but she has never in the history of Mizahar failed to add a set of Chevas marks to a newly married couple immediately after the vows have been exchanged. A set of Chevas marks will appear on a couple, even if the marriage has been arranged and there is no love involved, as the marks seem to be more associated with the vows which are binding in Cheva's mind.