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Nina Forson

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Nina Forson

Nina Forson, Priestess of Yahal
Date of birth479 AV (aged 44)
Place of birthSyliran Fields
Body Building24
Gnosis marks

Nina Forson is the Priestess of Yahal in Syliras. She can often been found in the Temple of All Gods, but occasionally her work takes her out to the Syliran Fields.



Anyone who knows anything about farming can tell Nina is one with one glance at her. Her deeply tanned skin shows the wear of one who has spent countless days toiling in the sun and dirt, and it has begun to wrinkle and grow leathery with age as well. Her frame is lean, with a hints of the muscles needed for long days of hard work. Her brown eyes have a tendency to squint slightly, and her black hair is usually simply brushed back out of her way. Few suspect her as a Priestess of Yahal, or that she could easily lift a grown man over her head if needed.


While Nina's younger years have left her with a lack of "Fancy Manners", as she would put it, she is a good person to the core. Any offense she causes is either due to pure lack of knowledge, which is never repeated, or because someone is expecting some complex or undeserved honor. She greets children with bright smiles, women with hugs, and men with surprisingly strong handshakes or pats on the back. Her words and thoughts are simple and straightforward, but that doesn't stop her from having some profound things to say. She believes strongly in the value of hard, honest work, and is not afraid to encourage others to partake of it. True to her position she it utterly devoted to Yahal, and serves the God's desires without question or doubt.


Nina was born and raised a farmer girl, and learned of the seeds and crops of Syliras from a young age. While her brothers went off and joined the Knighthood she stayed at home to help her parents run the farm. It was hard work, but Nina took delight in the calmness it provided her, and in helping to nurture the plants to grow tall, healthy, and strong so they could help feed and provide for the people of Syliras.

Like many who farm Nina was raised in the worship of Bala, and often would spend time in prayer to the Goddess of the Harvest. During Nina's younger years she not only helped her family, but had a small garden she tended to provide herbs and such for her family's meals. One year the family's crops was attacked by an infestation of caterpillars. With much work and time Nina and her family managed to save most of the crop for the year, but Nina's own garden had been destroyed by the pests. Saddened by the loss of her beloved garden, Nina prayed to Bala for help, and touched by the girl's prayers the Goddess came. With the mark that Bala provided Nina the girl was able to regrow her garden in short order, and the gift would prove beneficial over the years to help with small problems during harvests.

As Nina went through her teenager years her Mother grew ill, and so it was up to Nina and her Father to work the land for that year's harvest. It was the hardest work that Nina had done, but she persisted relentlessly to not only help her Father, but the people of Syliras as well. Just as they were nearing the end of planting the first crops the wheel broke off of the wagon her Father was driving, and it rolled over on top of him, trapping his legs.

Nina tried to help her Father get out, but the wagon was too heavy for her young strength to budge. Desperately she called out for someone, anyone, to help her, and it was then that Yahal came to her aid. As he granted his mark to Nina she was able to lift the wagon enough to free her Father, and then she fell on her knees in thanks to the God that had helped her. She swore she would never forget him, and that she would honor him always.

Now with a second passion in her life, years rolled by for Nina, and the whole time her work was split between working the fields and worshiping Yahal. In her early twenties Yahal came to Nina in a dream, telling her to travel north into the Bronze Woods for three days by herself. It was right in the middle of planting time on the farm, and her parents were older and less capable of working, but Nina intended to keep her word. Doing as Yahal asked she left the farm and traveled north for three days with nothing but simple supplies to feed and take care of herself. On the third day she came across a Knight who was trapped under some rocks and badly injured. Thanks to Yahal's blessing she was able to free the man, and get him back to Syliras in time to save his life. Pleased with her faith and purity Yahal granted Nina her second mark.

Just as strong in her faith as before Nina returned to the farm, working for several more years until Yahal came to her in a dream again. This time he asked her to go to Syliras, leaving behind the fields she loved, and to serve him as a Priestess. Despite the sorrow of leaving her beloved fields, plus the pleas of her parents to stay, Nina packed her things and left for Syliras the next day. Along the way she received her third mark of Yahal, and she has been working at the Temple of All Gods ever since as Yahal's Priestess. She delights in the times her work takes her out to the fields, but she never lingers overlong. She is determined to keep her promise and do whatever it is Yahal asks of her.


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