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Nursery Shrimp

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Nursery Shrimp
Shrimp File:Nursery_Shrimp.jpg
Threat levelMedium-low
Major featuresRock-hard shell, sharp pincers and teeth
AbilitiesAble to tell which Kanvi Squid eggs are stillborn
Most common inSuvan Sea, particularly the Kanvi Whirlpool

The Nursery Shrimp (sing. and pl.), are a mutated species of shrimp endemic to the unique environment of the Kanvi Whirlpool. They are known primarily for their symbiotic relationships with the Kanvi Squid, for whom they guard their eggs in return for eating the stillborn ones. They are also known for their ferocity in guarding said eggs.

Physical Characteristics

At first glance, Nursery Shrimp cannot be told apart from regular shrimp. Not too big in size and shape, they have a bluish-brown outer shell with pincers and large eyes. On closer viewing, however, one might be able to see the rows of sharp teeth in their mouth and the blade-like quality of their pincers. They are more dangerous than your average shrimp, that is to be sure.

Though not physically apparent, it should be noted that the wild Djed that affected them after the Valterrian has changed their eyesight into being able to sense life inside an egg. A side-effect of this is a hunger to eat stillborn eggs, and while they are known for doing this with Kanvi Squid eggs they actually hunger after all stillborn eggs in general.

Social Structure

Nursery Shrimps are generally solitary, existing in pairs in ones and twos as they scavenge for food along the seafloor. The only time many of them gather is around Kanvi Squid eggs, where they will compete for the chance to guard the eggs and thus be first in line to eat the stillborn ones, which they prize almost as much (and some would say moreso) than most humans.

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