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Pate Wormhand

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Pate Wormhand
Date of birth499 AV
Place of birthSunberth
TitleDrug Dealer/Orphan King

Pate Wormhand is a drug dealer within Sunberth that has a small section in the Sunset Quarters in which he operates. He is in rivalry with Jilene Ironside and the orphanage, though no hostile behavior shall ever erupt, he claims that she is stealing his business by taking in orphans in an attempt to give them a better life. In Pate's eyes, the life of dealing drugs is the life of the rich and successful.


grew up with a rough lifestyle with both his parents and a few other strangers in a shared home. He grew up constantly fighting over their possessions. Once he had lost a fight and suffered a large slash across his face. As he aged, he became to learn more about the horrible world that he was surrounded in. He constantly wished that he would have the funds to get his family out of the slums. He even took on a job shining shoes for petty miza. But it seemed that no matter the amount of miza he brought home, they still stayed poor. It wasn't until he was almost fully grown that he saw the world for what it really was. He had come home from shining shoes, eager to show his parents the 2 gold miza that he had managed to talk someone out of. Entering their shared home, he stood and watched as his parents sat in a corner with others in a group indulging themselves in drugs. It was then that he understood. No matter how hard a man worked, the money gained would compare to nothing a person would make bestowing an addiction upon someone else. He started small time, selling to those that he resided with, before expanding to his little section of the Quarter. He sells to anyone of any age, even children no younger than the age of eleven. He has a few others that he has selling drugs and giving him payment to which he pays the Daggerhands for protection. He also has a small business bending orphans to his will for food, jewelry, and anything else he boasts the young one's to steal. Only a selected few know what Pate looks like, and only three people can tell you where to find him, that being Dorris, Rats, and the Daggerhands neither of which release this information due to high risks. He is a name with no face, having so many of the older homeless children sell his drugs and regulate the younger children. Messing with Pate is just as bad as messing with the Daggerhand's money, and no one wants a visit from them.