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"Divine Light"

Radiant is the current Domain Storyteller of Syliras. Radiant is a rather private person and does not share Rad's personal infos except to the person Rad's close with, however here are some basic information about Radiant.


Name: Radiant

Avatar: Goddess Madoka from Puella Magi Madoka Magica

IRL Whereabouts: South East Asia

Position: Domain Storyteller of Syliras

Office Link: Elegantly Immaculate

Likes to Mod: Combat, Mass Combat, Mystery, Investigation, and anything that requires moderator attention.

Dislikes to Mod: Hmmm... let Rad think... not really a theme but... Rad dislikes to mod inactive and AWOL players. Please see the thread through the end and don't waste our time.

Expertise In: Ghost stuffs, Spiritism, Combat (1 on 1 and Mass), and most things connected to Syliras

Comments: I'm your Goddess! :D Here to grace you with my light! Also, Rad likes to talk in 3rd person in Rad's lore profile page for no peculiar reason.