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[Syliras DS Office - Radiant] Elegantly Immaculate

Postby Radiant on July 2nd, 2013, 7:00 pm


My Light Shall Guide You

Hello and welcome to Radiant's Office, DS of Syliras! If you want to request grades for your thread or ask for moderated threads/quests please go to this thread instead.

I will be mainly using this office to keep track of my moderated threads, graded threads list, and other things.

Queuing Threads :

Inactive Quest List :

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[Syliras DS Office - Radiant] Elegantly Immaculate

Postby Radiant on July 19th, 2013, 4:01 pm

Graded and Intervened Thread List

Graded Thread List :
A brief run
Writing 101
Fight And Light
Mount and Blade
A Squire's First Lesson
We'll Negotiate, Under This Moonlit Horizon
Kreig the Teacher
Pour Me Something Stronger Than Me
The Ways of the Archer
Higher Powers
Shock and Awe (Part 2)
A Potion and a Dream
Some Tips and Trips.
It's You Again
Deals with Devils.
Brushing up on the Basics
You're Late
The Slag in the Pots
Where are you?
A new kind of fighting
The Art of Range
On the crisp side
Foundations of Shielding Pt. IV
A Brutal Raphsody
Learning Syliras
A Metalworkers Night
Potential Philters
Amongst the Stalls and People
Polishing the Sword
Accidents Happen
Hilt Decoration
Try not to miss me when I'm gone
Trio of Mystical Infants
First Impressions.
Casting Brass
Heavy Hammer
Attack of the Yuk Yuks!!
Rebirth in Fire
Upon a sharp edge
Closing the neck
The Creation of Feeling: Part II
Finishing the Blade
Time waits for none
Beading Joys
Bad tempered and Blue
Three Riders
The Fangs Of Kreig
What are we calling this again?
First Steps
Investigations and Tribulations
A Day In The Life
Punch Punch Punch...OW!
IV. Going Numb
The Salt Thief
Ripples On Water
"Darn That Cat"
Training & Practice
No Rest for the Wicked
Commissioning Live Steel
Of Tentacles and Blades
The familiar feel of exertion
Just A Little More
Learning & Failing
Project: Help the Master
Bad To The Bone
Bag Of Bones
Dizzying Dagger
Dazzling Dagger
I Smell A Rat
A little of this and a little of that
Practice Makes..Something
An Invariable Weakness
Hypnotising Hands
The Dancer and the Strumpet II
Tricks and Traps
Into The Mountains
The Terms and Conditions
You Did What?
In Search of a Sword
Game Of Scales
A Jaunt Through the City of Bones
Come Over to the Dark
Look What We Have Here
Foundations of Shielding Pt. 2
Riding the Storm
You And I
Phabulous Philters Pt. I
Off Target
A Day With Sei
The Travels of Eanos Swifthand - Suvan Sea
Peace Midst The Chaos
Shield up!
Dogs will be dogs
Where Opportunities Arise
A Ripe Terrorist if I Ever Saw one
The Maneater
Birds of a feather
A turn in the Pit
The Road Opens
Drinks and More
A Crescent Moon - Sei Tendo
Into the Darkness
Push it!
If You're Gonna Pull It, Know How To Use It
The Practical Application. Crystal Elephants
A Drawn Out Sai
Sink, Sink, Sink your Kreig, gently down the sea
To Craft a Bird
For Drinks!!
Come in & take a seat [part 1]
A dog's life
A Guided Tour
Getting Under The Armor
Pranks & Hunting
The Prince of Rats Meets a Cat
From One Who Knows
When Hunters Meet Hunters
Something New
That bit of horrid meat
Chasing Rumours
A Freindly Chat
The thing about cats
A Sparring Glance
Just a Friendly Spar?
It's Just Dirt
A Road Less Traveled
Archery Challenge
Happy Birthday to Me
Bitter Sweet
Fluxing Your Muscles
Ugh...You Again?
The First Arcane Mystery II
Boot, Drill, and Rain
Welding Chain
Hitting A Target
Archery Training II
Long Time, Lets Fight IV
Beneath a Watery Veil of Gold
Entertaining A Guest
To Learn From An Animal
Killing A Boar Family
Show Me What You're Made Of
Learning Kama
Adventure to the sunset falls
A Welcome intervention
The long awaited moment
Making Rounds
Over A Mug Of Ale
A Sword Is Just An Iron Stick
Things Best Done in the Dark
Another dream? Or Reality?
No Best; Only Better
Some Convincing
Scouring the woods
It's Kinda Magic
The First Arcane Mystery
The Bad Touch
Lap of Luxury
Meet and Greet
To Ride A Horse
Working While Learning
Hope found in a Harlot
Dangerous Party
Blood Rain
Obeying Orders
Long Time, Let's Fight II
A hunter and the woods
Pride of A Hunter
Off To Hunt!
Bloodshot Eyes
This Graceless Heart
Lessons In Glyphing Pt. I
Long Time, Let's Fight I
Man Or Mouse?
Doing something different
Arysna Cream
Time To Hunt
Your First Ale?!
"Have I mentioned I hate deer now?"
New Steel
Knight & Dae
Unexpected, Yet Deserved
Winter Herbs and Raptor Feathers
Doctor versus Smithy, Round 2
Getting Real Tired of You...
Iron Oak Leaves
Food For Thought
Ilxii's musical trip
Sweet Belligerence
Myrian madness
For Justice
The Unlocking
Drillus Maximus
Of Maille and Shield
The Book of Fire [Part I]
New Girl Is Lost
Hammer Time
Circle You, Circle You
On a Journey
Home Again
Monster Hunter
To Another's Detriment
The End of a Prologue
This Isn't Where I Left My Frying Pan!
Fallen from Grace
Night's Game
Fuel, Fire, Desire
Don't Save Me, I'm Just Drowning
I'mma Big Girl Now
Fallen from Grace II
Cats and Ghosts
A Lesson In Love
Rodent and Round
Rain, Rain, Go Away
"He's my friend." (II)
Learning & Reflection
Job at Hand
Bedside Manner
I don't need a knight!
A Fortunate Meeting
Make It Through The Morning
Stick in the Mud
Breaking the Perfect Picture
A Wood in Mourning
It Goes With "Capacitor"...
Yukmen Hunting
Kindness and Compassion
Cold-blood meets No-Blood
Seeking a Path in the Wood
"He's my friend."
Memories: Lost and Confused
Only Home I Know
Push Me Down, I'll Knock You Out
Tree's Revenge
Law and Order
Journey to Insanity
Skimming Stones
Making Preparations
A momentary reprise
If you go down to the woods today...
What Will Really Was
They say the apple doesn't fall so far...
If the Shoe Fits
Nobles And Champions
Honor And Justice
From Shadows To Flying
Thirst Quenching
Shyke it all!!
Old News from Cyphrus
The Journal beside The Lake
Water and Stone
Morning Training
Where Words Flow Faster than Water
It's Just Business
By the Banks of the Avitar
The bane of my existence
Ultimate Training Day 1
Service with a smile
Myths And Legends
Bazaar Meeting
Chasing Phantoms
The Dancer and the Strumpet
The Beast Vs the Monster
The Weightlifter. (Part 1)
Strong bonds and a wandering mind
Poison me, poison you. Aha~~
A Night Worth While...
Steel on steel
Should've Known Better
Hide and Seek
A Day In The City of Knights
To Seek And To Strive
Another Brick in the Wall
Reality Check
If Wishes Were Mizas..
You swing that way!!
Will you show me ?
The road home
Faster, swifter, stronger
The water reveals all
To Focus A Focus
Ruin My Salvation, I Will Ruin Your Face
You and your merry making
The Strong Ones Come Out At Night
Wait? Who's Seducing Who
Kisetukai, The Power Magnet
Hey, It's My Birthday

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[Syliras DS Office - Radiant] Elegantly Immaculate

Postby Radiant on January 24th, 2014, 8:10 am

Graded and Intervened Thread List 2

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Graded Thread List 2 :
First Impressions.
Maximum Axage
Scourge of Chaos and Evil
Making a Miracle Happen
In Between
To Spar With A Knight
An Unexpected Meeting
Song of Nature
Common Knowledge for Knights
Fracture Lines
Chasing The Salt Thief (Part II)
A little out of the way
Trying to Help
A Morning for Melee
Yahal bless the pure
The Harlot and a Crown
The Squire and the Sorcerer
Signs of Trouble.
First Day... Wanna Drink?
Ansayia, The Festival Of Color
Just waiting...
Blue Moon
Opening Gates of Friendship
Foes with Benefits.
Things That Go Bump In The Night
Search for Seeds
Small Snippets
A-sides and B-swords
Seeds of Knowledge
Body and Soul
Over The River
A Miza's Luck
Soulless Faith
A Certain Something
Crow Hunting Part IV
Taking A Stance
Guilty Pleasures
The Physical, the Metaphysical
Testing the Waters
Looking To the Future
Ghost writing
Crow Hunting Part II
Crow Hunting Part I
A Silent Storm
Standard Patrol
Second times the charm.
Like A Record, Baby
Elements and Daggers
Building a stronger body.
Of Scrolls and Ghostly Limbs
Blood Bonds and Revelations
I Say Hay!
War of the coppers
No Questions Asked
The First Sale
A Sticky Situation Pt II
A Sticky Situation
Looking Good, Stud
All I Ever Wanted
Tis Bitt A Stick, Ser Crowe
Jerks and Teasers
What's A Partially Buried Stick?
Of Course It's A Course
Wrought with Worry II
The Desert Witch
The squire meets the doctor
Infusion Confusion Pt. II
Magic is the hurt
Worshiping in your own way
The Serpent and The Mage
Sad-Dle Me I'm Sandra Dee
Two Worlds Collide
Earning The Second Wing
I'm Not Her
Making friends with the coworkers
A Damsel in Distress In Need of Rescue
Arrows and Coyotes
A cold companion
Any Problem?
The Dance of Daylight
A Fire Burning From Within
Hooked on Playing Hookie
Riding Practice
The Giant vs The Pycon
Battle Ready?
Markus and Jerry
Stalker...or escort?
Swearing Fealty Redux
Snap Out Of It
Got Clay?
Name Your Poison
Meeting New People
Flesh, carved from the wind.
The Masked Patron
A Wild Night And Even Wilder Creatures
And Then There Were Two
The Truth Comes Out
Peaceful Stroll in the Forest.
Shackle Shy
The Burden of Silver
A gentle Rapping and Tapping.
The Burden of Steel
Meeting of 'Pycons'
A Slow March
Let's Have Fun
The Road Most Traveled
The Precedent
Stalking Squirrels
Magic of Times Past
To Kill a Straw Dummy
Into the Pit
Rock Hard
Running from nothing
Trading Interests
Before the eyes of all
Celebration by Sword
Calamity Glade
Exotic Meat
Shots Have Been Fired!
Just Aim For The Middle
Failing at Riding
In Search Of Knowledge
Nothing is what it seems
The Itch
A Child from the past?
Tools for the Mines
An Animal's Nature
The First of Many Meetings
Deadly Dance of None-Death
Dating a Harlot 101
The Eyes of the Insane, Part Two
Shooting From Scratch
Winder Wonders
Glass and Iron
Wrought with Worry
Weighing Options
Gone For Days
The Gift of Information
A Snake In The Grass
A Sword is Only as Sharp as the Mind
The Worst Kind.Evil Ways
An Elusive Catch
The Last Shirt
Money makes the world go around.
Duck, Duck, Swan!
A Filly at the Stallion
Throwing Another Wish into The Well
Time to Put Those Skills to Work
The Pirate Ship
Meeting Your Patron
The Elk and the Horse
The mornings after
Getting Lost Again
A Promise Kept
Duck, Duck, Swan!
Training the Squire for war
Long Gone
Last Night Out
To Shoot an Arrow Off a Bale (Cont.)
Catch That Deer!
Learning while Slipping
Barmaids and First Aid
Here We Are
Should'a Stayed Home
The Kill.
Of Life and Living
Sometimes Indoors is the Last Thing You Need
Weaponry 101
Learn from the competition
Freedom and Fine Memories
To see a man about a horse.
Getting Too Serious. III
Uhhhh....what now?
Moving With Purpose
Eye of the Tiger
A Little Game?
Something Wicked
The Raven in the Windoak
The Shield of Brock
Against All Odds
The Serpent and the Shield.
Old Dog, New Tricks
Is This Still Happening?
A question to be asked
The Eye of A Demon
Dark Messenger
Wounds and Worries
Let's Rock the Boat Baby
Ruffled Feathers

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