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Ryhon (Koyl)

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Ryhon (Koyl)

Rhyon, The Tavinar of Wind Reach
Date of birth444 AV (aged 79)
Place of birthWind Reach
Riding (Wind Eagle87

Tavinar of Wind Reach, Rhyon is a spry old man with a big mouth who leads his caste alongside his Wind Eagle, Koyl, and his wife Yoletta, who is now Tavina. Born in the Summer of 444 AV, Rhyon is still surprisingly nimble for his old age. He and his wife were made Tavin of the city after their predecessors retired in 506 AV. Rhyon still regular goes out on hunts with his flight when possible, but as Tavinar of the city his duties often keep him occupied elsewhere.


Rhyon was born in the early in the Fall of 444 AV. From a very young age he was adventurous and prone to getting into trouble. He liked to brag, and often boasted that one day he would become the best endal there ever was. Rhyon did not bond with his wind eagle until he was 23 years old, in the Spring of 467 AV. He caught the attention of the young Koyl when he was seen wrestling a skygoat with his bare hands, on a cliff, hundreds of feet above the ground.. and he won. Koyl was impressed by the young man, though he wondered if he was insane, and they soon bonded.

From that day on Ryhon and Koyl became known for their daring exploits. While they were not the most productive endal in the city, their insane displays of aerial acrobatics and near suicidal antics earned them quite a following among the youth of the city. It wasn't until the disaster, however, that they earned any true respect. On the 16th of Fall, 474 AV, volcanic activity beneath the mountain caused one of the largest landslides Wind Reach had ever seen. The landslide was not any true threat to the city itself, but it was headed straight for a group of Yasi hunters to be out on their bendi task. The endal of the time did their best to save as many as they could, Rhyon among them, but they soon discovered that there was one boy they had forgotten. Hearing this, Rhyon and Koyl immediately turned around, despite their already heavy load of children. The landslide had nearly reached the camp, and Koyl only spotted the boy at the last minute, stranded on a cliff with nowhere to run and the landslide only moments away from reaching them.

Koyl went into a dive, Rhyon wrapped a rope around his waist and tied the other end to the saddle. With the first of the rocks only inches away, Rhyon swung down out of the saddle and grabbed the boy, knocking the both of them off the cliff and away from the rocks. Were it not for the rope they would have both fallen to their deaths, but the rope caught and held, and Koyl flew the endal and boy back to the city. After that they were heroes, and not a night went by when Rhyon wasn't busy boasting of his daring rescue.

Rhyon met Yoletta through his wind eagle. He had heard of her, of course, being the great explorer that she was, but he knew little about the woman. Koyl quickly became enamored with her wind eagle, Astrid, however and as endal tended to do when their eagles became mates, Rhyon and Yoletta began spending more and more time together. They soon came to love each other, and in the year 450 AV while on a hunt together, after a passionate night of sultry activities, they said their vows to one another and earned their Cheva marks.


Rhyon is a loud, boisterous old codger who always has a story to tell and loves to brag. Despite his lack of productivity as an endal in his youth, he did eventually grow to become a well respected individual in Wind Reach, and a wealth of knowledge when it comes to dealing with specific threats to the city. Ask his advice with care, however, because any conversation with Rhyon will turn into a one sided, epic length story about one of his adventures. Somewhere in those stories are usually a smidgen of wisdom, even if it is just learning what not to do.