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RaceKelvic (Wolf)
Date of birth509 AV (aged 14)
Place of birthRavok
TitleAlpha Female
Wilderness Survival15

Sashi is a wolf kelvic, the alpha female of her pack. She is wild and fierce, a strong believer in following the animal side of her kelvic nature. Born into slavery, she harbors a deep resentment toward any who would take a kelvic as their servant, and seeks to free such kelvics from their bonds so that they can bond with someone who truly understands them, another kelvic.

Physical description

In her human form Sashi has a wild, fierce look about her. She has golden brown eyes and her canines are slightly longer and pointier than a normal humans. Unlike most kelvics, Sashi does not hide her bestial nature when in public, and if somebody has a problem with her appearance she could really care less. She is neither thin nor thick, but a healthy weight suitable for surviving in the wilds, occasionally running on the lean side when food is scares. Sashi has long, flowing black hair of which she is very proud. She rarely wears clothing, but when she does she dresses for practicality over looks. If it's cold outside she'll wear furs, if it's hot she probably wont wear anything. Sashi likes to keep things simple.

In her wolf form she is of average size for a normal grey wolf, weighing in at 75lbs and 4'2" in length, standing close to three feet tall. Her fur is darker than most, usually solid black, though in colder climates it may have bits of whites and browns on the tip. In cold weather she is very shaggy, giving off the appearance that she is much larger and heavier than she really is, though in warm climates her fur is short and smooth. Sashi is very fond of her fur and one of her dirty secrets is that she loves to have it brushed, not that she would ever admit that to anybody other than her bondmate. She keeps her body very clean, regardless of form, and is fond of swimming and bathing in lakes or streams when it's not freezing outside.


Sashi was born on the 18th of Summer in the year of 509 AV as part of a kelvic breeding program operating out of the city of Ravok. Shortly after she was born she was sold to a traveling Akalak who purchased her for the purpose of siring him a child. During the early seasons of her time with the Akalak he was cruel, abusive, and didn't really care for her well being. He kept her fed and watered, but that was about it. As soon as she reached sexual maturity, almost a year after she was born, the Akalak began sleeping with her and things changed. Suddenly he went from abusive master to loving and caring.

Sashi was so taken aback by the sudden change of heart that she didn't even mind the rather rough lovemaking, and eventually came to enjoy it. When it was finally apparent that she was pregnant, the lovemaking stopped but the pampering did not. Sashi thought she had a great life, thought her master had finally learned to love her, but a year later when the baby was born and her master changed back to his old ways. The child was taken away from it's mother, and Sashi was allowed to see it only when it needed to be fed. The master became cruel again, and Sashi began to realize that he had only been using her. Before the abuse could get any worse Sashi fled to the north.

Eventually she reached the Northern Reaches, where she stumbled upon pack of wild wolves. Though it took some time and there were many close calls, Sashi eventually worked her way into the pack. It didn't take long for the intelligent [kelvic] to work her way up to the rank of alpha, and for the rest of the season she traveled with her pack hunting and living as a wolf. It wasn't until they attacked a traveling pair of humans that her life changed. She met [Kaniel] in a violent encounter that separated her from her pack, and they now roam the wilds together, searching for other kelvics to join them.

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