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Date of birth486 AV (aged 37)
Place of birthAhnatep
TitleThe Empress
Iron Fan35

The Empress at Mura's house of cards.


A woman of strange appearance for an Eypharian, in that she is perhaps five feet five inches tall, with olive colored skin, and long, wavy black hair, which she dyes red on occasion using henna. Yet, no one could know this, considering the long, flowing robes and dresses she tends to favor, in addition to headscarves adorned by a multitude of jewels. With slight hands, she may pull it back, onto the edge of her hairline, to reveal her delicate features. Soft pink lips she paints herself, a small nose, and forest green eyes, framed by longer lashes. When angered however, her two arms are known to tense, before lashing out, whipping, in the fashion of a snake.


A woman who chases after her dreams, Savita is considered to be both creative as well as inventive when it comes to finding ways to attain whatever goal she sets her mind to. As well as in the art of politics, and how she implements law, and maintains her lofty position. Despite this, she is known to be nurturing, although, she is not above keeping numerous material possessions, and living a lavish lifestyle. However, even so, she always makes the time to delve into the Silverwood, and enjoy the beauty that exists in nature. Often picking flowers for her room; some which hold hidden meanings, as well as her secret hopes and dreams, which until now, have remained unattainable.


Savita was born into the streets of Ahnatep, to two parents who didn't want much to do with her. From an early age, she learned to scrounge, and do for herself what they would not. Attain all the needs of survival that her parents, too busy caught in each other's arms, could never provide. By the time she turned 12, she became quite dft in these arts, but was largely suspected of stealing. It was then that she met Torquil, and the two began to help each other through their lives.

Although she could attain more now with his help, Savita remained unsatisfied with her condition, thinking herself better than a filthy street rat, she vowed to find a way out of her predicament. At first, she tried getting jobs- helping in various market stalls and the like, but this never gave her the respect, the money, or material needs she so desired. Frustrated, she turned towards the most powerful in her land, seeking service as a guard or handmaiden. For each, she was laughed at, and turned away.

Feeling ashamed, she told Torquil of her plight, and within a few years more on the streets, stealing what they could, they saved up enough money to go away together. Thus, they sailed to Mura, and soon made twisted names and posts for themselves. And still, yet, her endless desires seem incapable of being quenched.