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Date of birth502 AV (aged 21)
Place of birthLhavit
TitleGuardian and bondmate of Anchorite Hayani
Unarmed Combat68


Born to two kelvic Lhavitians, Sayim had been considered weak the minute he had been born. He was sickly, had light blue eyes as a baby and was told he would be blind. The Okomo Caretaker took him in, assuming the worst, only to have news of this "strange Okomo kelvic" reach the ears of the Anchorite. She arrived to the Okomo Villa herself, met with the young kelvic and deemed him worthy to be raised by her herself. She saw in him potential to be loyal, brave and loving, and through her, he has since grown to be a worthy opponent and a trusting friend.


Sayim is Hayani's Okomo kelvic bondmate and mount. He is devoted completely and wholly to her, whom he protects and accompanies anywhere the Anchorite might go. He may appear intimidating to some, and many citizens tend to move out of his way should he approach alone on the streets. He is known to be stubborn and blunt, albeit a strict herbivore, something that most people might find odd, but in tender moments, amidst his mistress, his companion and his love, he can become grudgingly passive. At times, Sayim is prone to outbursts, frequently threatening those who might get in his way, but a gentle hand from Hayani quickly steadies his temper.


His animal form is a rare, pure white, enormous Okomo, beautiful but dangerous. His horns are incredibly long and tapering, sometimes painted by Hayani herself. His eyes are a brilliant blue, both in his animal form and in his human form. In human form, he stands at 6'3", an imposing figure, with well-toned chest, arms and legs from constant running and climbing. His hair reflects the fur of his bestial self, being a light, nearly silvery blonde, and cropped relatively short.