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Image:Scroll2.png "Those who seek paradise find ruin."
- Anonymous

Knowledge is the path; life is the journey.
Population350 or less at any given time
Most common inLhavit
ReputationScribes, savants and explorers
Faction godsEyris
StrongholdThe Bharani Library

The Seekers are disciples of Eyris, a group of intellectuals dedicated to restoring and maintaining the knowledge of the world. They can be anywhere from scribe to spellsword. They are most renowned for their use of Lykata - the ability to unlock an object's hidden past through its djed.



The Seekers were founded around 261 AV, shortly after the construction of Lhavit. All the previously existing libraries were long since immolated, wiped away by the wrath of the Valterrian. After conferring with Aysel and Talora, the city's Ethaefal patrons, it was decided that this travesty should never again come to pass. With the aid of Zintila, they constructed a library from skyglass. Since then it has flourished, accumulating knowledge for over one hundred years, for all that wish to borrow from its halls must first contribute before they might utilize what is there.

The Bharani Library is a comprehensive collection of everything under the sun. So long as the information has value, it has a place. Magical primers, architectural blueprints and freshly penned novels are just a few examples of what can be found within. The Seekers are not exclusively interested in the past, making the library incredibly useful for everyday citizens and scholars alike. Though they still have interest in recovering lost information, information itself is what truly strikes their fancy. Thus, if it weren't for Kalea's terrain and their subsequent isolation, they would receive a far greater degree of attention than they do.

Both the library and the organization sustain themselves through contribution. During the cataclysm, most of the world's books were lost in the raging storm, very few making their way below-ground and even fewer, back up again. Therefore, most of what populates the shelves of Bharani are texts that have been written within the last hundred years, more often than not at the behest of the Seekers themselves. In order to make use of any of their compiled information, one must first volunteer a piece of information in kind, handcrafted or otherwise. This has been in part, the saving grace of the library and has ascended many native members of Lhavit into prominence due to their extensive donations.

Likewise, the organization in no way limits themselves to books or literature. Thanks to the gift of Lykata, they're able to glean information simply through analyzing the djed of an item. Objects, ancient or otherwise are always welcome, so long as there is something to be gained within them and while they are certainly welcomed as contributions to the library, they are not eligible to be loaned to the general public.

The faction itself however, sprang from a bid for organization. Initially, the Seekers were nothing more than librarians, maintaining Bharani's shimmering halls and little else. In 260 AV, Eyris approached what is considered the very first Seeker and offered them a deal. So long as they completed an assigned task, they would be rewarded with favor and further, this task would help to uncover what was lost in the cataclysm and hidden throughout the land. The man eagerly agreed. Thus, the religious order was born and since then, those who join face similar quests.

The Seekers are advocates of culture, very often dreamers, and they are fascinated by the human condition.


The Seekers are broken up by rank and department. Very simply, those higher in rank are considered the supervisors of their lesser charges, encouraging growth and maintaining order. Disciples, thrice marked by Eyris, are considered the heads of their chosen departments and sub-departments and work closely with one another to achieve the Seekers' overarching goals. Disciples meet twice a season to discuss the current state of the library.

Within the purview of their departments, individuals rotate tasks, though the disciples manage their own, set sub-departments. For example, an individual in administration might work payroll for two weeks, then the desk for two weeks and so forth, though it isn't unheard of for a person to be stuck on a specific task for a whole season. Some claim this practice is used to help the person learn the skill, while others assert that it is a perverse form of punishment inflicted on the lower ranks for "mucking up."

In regards to lifestyle, there are very few restrictions placed on the Seeker. When within the library they are required to wear white, though as they ascend in rank they often don colorful accents to set themselves apart. White is a signifier for the absence of knowledge, a void they constantly endeavor to fill. Seekers are permitted to lead normal lives, to marry and have children and to drink and celebrate along with the rest of the city. They are quite unlike the Shinya in that regard. Their only requirement is to serve the will of Eyris by completing their assigned duties.

Those who achieve the rank of Savant have the option of choosing a primary focus for their research, which can literally pertain to any subject in the world. They apply for this focus by presenting it to the Disciples and either get approved or denied. Savants sometimes attempt three or four different foci before they're finally approved. The focus is granted based on the abilities of the individual and just how feasible their research can be.

Through touch, I comprehend the world.


Novitiate - These are the unmarked. They work throughout the various departments, growing their skills until they are approached with the Task. The Goddess tends to approach most within the first year, though those who are not approached may still remain in the library. "Late bloomers" as they're termed, are not unheard of.

Neophyte - Newly inducted and blessed with Lykata, the Neophyte chooses a department and begins their work, either taking up residence in the library or continuing to live on their own. They are too young to choose their focus, something reserved for those a rank higher, but through their respective fields they begin to discover just what captures their interest.

Savant - Savant is the most common rank. Those who work most of their lives in the organization usually end here. They often choose a focus or field of study and compile it almost exclusively while acting as a mentor to their peers. The Savant is well rounded, usually proficient in at least one paramagic discipline and they almost always continue research on the side, regardless of what their focus may be.

Disciple - The truly gifted will ascend to Disciple. Not only do they manage the library but they also work with the government in cases of legal dispute. Their proficiency in Lykata often make them the final authority on just about everything. Disciples routinely meet with one another to discuss pertinent matters, such as which sections of the library they'd like to expand or where the budget is going for the upcoming seasons.

Champion - The Champion of Eyris is the defacto head of the Seekers, even if they are not in Lhavit. If ever they find the library, they will be asked to stay.


  • Intake - These Seekers focus on the intake of artifacts and ancient texts. They're the most scholarly of the departments and they spend a good deal of their time unearthing insights through the power of Lykata and they work side by side with Inventory. Intake helps determine the facts of the object or text and then Inventory makes copies and designates it to the it's rightful place. Intake is the only department that does not have a sub-division.
  • Inventory - This is by far the largest department. Many Seekers choose to limit themselves to the simple, scholarly pursuit of filing. They collect the findings of Intake and determine just where they go in the library proper. They're responsible for shelving, organization and work closely with administration by compiling a catalog of which books the library has and where they go. They're also responsible for upkeep, maintaining the library and it's treasures. The sub-departments are scribing, shelving, maintenance and cataloging. They're also considered specialists in a sense, cataloging in particular being splintered further into subjects such as art, science and mathematics.
  • Enterprises - These are usually the most combat-oriented of the Seekers, as they travel the most often. While members of this department primarily lead expeditions into the wilderness, there are some that actively travel the world in search of rarities, in the hopes of returning them to the library. Their sub-departments are expeditions (short-term projects) and undertakings (long-term projects.)
  • Administration - The administrators run the front desk. They set and deliver schedules to the newly inducted and assign living arrangements for Neophytes, whenever the need arises. They interact with every department, Inventory most of all. They have several sub-departments; the desk, payroll, and scheduling.

Pay Grades

Rank Department Pay/Day
Champion N/A 30 kina
Disciple Any Department 15 kina
Savant Any Department 12 kina
Neophyte Any Department 8 kina
Novitiate N/A 3 kina

Each department is subject to skill modifiers for their wage as specified in the price list. These skills are predetermined for each department and are listed below:

  • Intake - Investigation
  • Inventory - Organization or Copying
  • Enterprises - Leadership or Intelligence
  • Administration - Planning


Promotion within the library is simple. The more marks you have, the higher you ascend. Neophyte have one, Savants have two, Disciples have three and clearly, the Champion has four. No one seeks promotion intentionally, either. Eyris selects those she feels are worthy and tests them, similar to how they were inducted. No one expects the test. In fact, it usually comes when least expected and often, in the most inconvenient of circumstances. Those who pass and are again, marked, and from there visit their superior with the news. A promotion ceremony is then held and the promotee may invite whoever they wish. The library provides refreshments of their choice.

How to Join

Joining is a three step process. The individual goes to the library, submits an application and undergoes an interview by a Savant of any department. Once accepted, Novitiates will work until chosen by Eyris. This can take any length of time, but typically not more than a year. Once an individual chooses to join the organization, they're on her radar and will either be accepted or denied.

If a person happens to already have a mark from Eyris, they are accepted without question and as a Neophyte.


Each initiation is different but it usually revolves around some sort of puzzle, usually at the Novitiate's expense. Some examples are:

  • Riddle contests
  • Creative problem solving
  • Spacial/mathematic problems
  • Test of will/leadership

While these are just a few, they're usually in the midst of some embarrassing circumstance, such as being made late to an appointment or being half-naked for one reason or other. This is why most members of the Seekers either laugh about it openly or never speak of it again.

Choosing a Department

Once selected by the Goddess, Neophyte choose a department based on their skill set and inclination. They usually do so without difficulty, as by then they've actively worked within them all. They're given a grace period of four weeks before a decision must be made. If they fail to do so, they will either be assigned by a superior or automatically kept in Administration.

Recommended Skills

What is recommended will differ from department to department. Leadership is highly valued in Enterprises where Copying is valued in Inventory. It helps to have a good, well-rounded skill set, relevant to the direction you'd like to go. For example, an administrator might look like:

  • Planning 15
  • Organization 20
  • Writing 15

Whereas, an employee of enterprises might be:

  • Reimancy 10
  • Wilderness Survival: Mountain 20
  • Leadership 20

So long as what you choose upon creation is justifiable, it will work.

The Seekers are racially diverse. All races are accepted within reasonable limits and the laws of the city.

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