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Shadow Guard

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When Myrians die, they do not go to Lhex. Instead, they go directly to Myri, where they are given a choice. To return and serve Myri amongst the living again, or to join the Shadow Guard. The Shadow Guard are the loyal elite of Myri's dead warriors amongst her vast population of Myrians, and only the most devoted decide to join it. There is no shame in refusing, but there is great honor in being given the opportunity. They exist to protect both the Goddess-Queen from other ethereal entities, and to protect Taloba and their descendants. It is said that they helped Myri protect Taloba from the worst of the Valterrian.




The numbers of the Shadow Guard are fluid, and few, save perhaps Myri and the generals, actually know how many there are. While its members join the Guard with plans of serving the Queen for eternity as a member, some eventually wish to return to the world of the living, becoming reborn again.


The Guard is led by Myri's four children. They are the original founders, and chose to establish the organization to form a defense against the supernatural forces that might seek to destroy what their mother had worked so hard to establish and protect.

  • Miha: Myri's firstborn daughter became a powerful warrior and leader in her own right. She had many qualities that her mother nurtured carefully... not including her violent temper. She had a number of children, and started the Jagged Blade, one of the numerous Myrian families. She is the unofficial leader of the foursome.
  • Tika: The second daughter, Tika, while adept at close-range combat, preferred to spy on the enemies from a distance and pick them off. She founded the Tiger Eyed, encouraging her children to understand the finer points of long-range warfare. Anyone, she would say, could bludgeon another to death, but only a really good shot can drop them dead in their tracks. That took finesse.
  • Aira: The third daughter, while a capable warrior in her own right, spent plenty of time with her aunts learning about the tropical herbs of the jungle.
  • Zal: Fourth-born and Myri's only son, Zal had the odds stacked against him from birth, seeing as men cannot inherit and have very little actual power. He was a powerful warrior that worked well with the massive tigers.