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TitleSkerr of the Bountiful Wheat
Divine rank4
SymbolsThree ears of wheat
CultsThe monks of Skerr in Nyka
Worshipped inNyka, sparsely elsewhere

Skerr of the Bountiful Wheat is a demigoddess or Alvina, and a daughter of Bala. Together with Uphis, Laat and Xannos, she is one of the four Celestials, the demigods who rule the city of Nyka, in the Sylira region. Skerr is the promise of a luxurious wheat crop, and her influence makes it possible for the lands surrounding Nyka to produce twice as much food as would otherwise be possible. Skerr appears to be visibly pregnant, and has been since the founding of post-Valterrian Nyka, about two hundred years ago. She claims that she will give birth to her baby when the right time comes. The identity of the father is unknown, with some speculating it might be another Celestial and others making far wilder guesses.


Skerr presides over the fertility of wheat crops. While she does not give gnosis marks of her own, she has the passive ability to make wheat crops thrive under almost any weather and condition. It is not unusual for the farmlands surrounding Nyka to have three crops a year despite their relatively northern position in Sylira. If not for Skerr, in no way would Nyka be able to support its expanding population without substantial import. On the first day of each season, the monks of Skerr take the demigoddess out of her residence in the Celestial Quarter to bless the crops, sitting on a throne carried by eight monks.


Skerr has an open, tolerant attitude and is quite possibly the most approachable of the Celestials. She believes that no-one in the world should ever experience hunger or poverty. She is passionate about her duties as a Celestial, and wants to see Nyka grow to be the Syliras of the North, a beacon of civilization in the chaos of the new world. Skerr does not enjoy violence or confrontation. She is generally amiable, though the secret of her pregnancy casts a shadow over her great benevolence. The topic is taboo, even with her own high monk.


Like the other Celestials, Skerr has about 200 monks under her command. These monks have made the Southern Quarter their home. They distribute food to the people of Nyka, door by door in their own quarter or passing it to the other monks so they can provide for their quarters. Selling food is a criminal offense in Nyka, and stealing it is just as serious; each citizen or approved visitor receives a daily ration of food from the monks.

The monks of Skerr are seen wielding special 'wheatwhips' resembling ears of wheat in a fight.