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TitleUphis of the Sharp Blade
DomainBlades and their sharpness
Divine rank4
SymbolsA swordblade without hilt
CultsThe monks of Uphis in Nyka
Worshipped inNyka, sparsely elsewhere

Uphis of the Sharp Blade is a demigod or Alvina, and a son of the slain war god, Ruros. Together with Skerr, Laat and Xannos, he is one of the four Celestials, the demigods who rule the city of Nyka, in the Sylira region. Uphis is the greatest swordmaster in Nyka and easily one of the best in Mizahar, however he is eternally dissatisfied with his skill. His greatest goal in life is to exact revenge on the war goddess Myri for killing his father; those with the gnosis of Myri may not become monks in Nyka and risk facing the wrath of this hot-headed demigod if discovered.


Uphis presides over the efficiency of bladed weapons, especially swords. While Uphis does not give out Gnosis marks of his own, much like the other Celestials, his mere touch can turn an old rusty dagger into a razor-sharp instrument of death. A weapon blessed by Uphis, while somewhat uncommon even in Nyka and quite rare to find outside the city, would command a hefty price and stay in top shape far longer than the same weapon without the blessing. If a monk of Uphis were to lose such a weapon he would likely cut his own hand in shame or go on a self-imposed exile.


Uphis struggles to keep his temper in check if provoked. He believes that brute force can solve any problem, and the sooner you apply it, the better. During the public audiences in Nyka he sometimes displays an "off with his head" attitude that the other Celestials try their best to curb. He values honor, though, and will not forget those who have earned his respect. He will persecute anyone connected to Myri mercilessly.


Like the other Celestials, Uphis has about 200 monks under his command. These monks have made the Northern Quarter their home. They are the only monks allowed to carry swords, though they also favor helbards, spears and other bladed weapons. Their equipment tends to be heavier than that of the other monks and they even wear heavier armor on occasion. The monks of Uphis man the gates and oversee the general effectiveness of city defenses.