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Image:Scroll2.png "She does well, for her age, although I feel some things could be improved, replaced…"
- Sshnahiari, former Queen Regent
RaceDhani (Constrictor)
Date of birth382 AV (aged 141)
Place of birthZinrah
TitleQueen of the Constrictors
Gnosis marks

Snhamtanabis, great-granddaughter of the notorious Maskevesshna, rules over Zinrah. Groomed for the throne from a young age, Tanabis holds her city and her people in a breathtaking grip of respect and fear alike. There are those who admire the strength of their Queen, and others who envy her. Since 460 AV, Tanabis has ruled Zinrah, and there has yet to be a challenger worthy of surpassing her.


Snhamtanabis was born into royalty for all of the right reasons. Her deceptively tender face holds all males in a vise. She has a natural beauty about her that needs no touching up. Anyone thinking to take advantage of her pretty face has overlooked her strength as Queen however. Tanabis is fit, and needs to be if she has any hopes of ruling Zinrah as long as her great-grandmother.

Tanabis is always adorned with her jewels. Golden necklaces and braces cover her body, imbedded with gemstones of incredible value. Sapphires and emeralds alike are lit up by glowstones incorporated to the designs as well. Needless to say, Tanabis has plenty of jewels in her possession to wear about when others are charging in her pools. The only instance the Queen would be without her jewels would be if a challenge is put forth; then it all comes off, and all the ugly underneath comes out. No one has seen Tanabis so bare in quite a while though, and it should be kept that way.

Snhamtanabis, who is in many ways an avatar of the Snake Goddess herself, maintains a deceptive appearance in all forms. The fact is she is strong, more than cautious opponents ever realize until her coils have seized them in her grip, and then they die. The only thing worth noting over her façade is her beauty. Be it the form headed with silky hair, of the glimmering scales, Tanabis is always a pleasure on the eyes.

Her health is well kept. She has never shown signs of weakness, no illness. With the priesthood at her call, the Queen is kept in the finest condition. Similarly, her hygiene is superior for most Dhani in Zinrah. Her teeth are kept nice and white, the blood of her meal rinsed clean from her mouth. She smells of flowers, a philter perhaps fueled by the beautifully scented flora of the jungles. Her skin is smooth to the touch, and her voice reaches for the depths of the soul. It’s no wonder she has so many consorts.

”Am I not beautiful?”

Tanabis is beauty, power, and strength in one form. Marked four times by Siku, it’s also worth noting the venom that is her blood. Take caution challengers and guests alike, the Queen of Zinrah is not to be underestimated by any means.


Groomed from a throne from an early age, most of Tanabis’s childhood wonderings were left in the dark. Instead, she is known for her martial tone in all public matters. She sees it appropriate to keep order. Her people stay alive that way. Tanabis is task oriented when it comes to her rule, and refuses to take “no” for an answer. It will be done, no matter what her goal, no matter who or what is in her way. If there is an impasse, Tanabis can also be an innovative thinker as well. She finds a way. Those who challenge her rule, be it even as slight as a suggestion at times, find themselves in her personal torture chamber. It is there that she let loose her twisted childhood fantasies. She could have made a fine artist considering how creative she can be…

Though there are only rumors, it is suggested that Tanabis is a more open lover. The last consort who bragged – and had his tongue cut out for it – had spoken of her softer side. She opened up, trusting a lover, wanting a family. While there is a sense of longing, Tanabis gets along just fine, and the male’s insolent gesture was little more than an exaggeration. Tanabis does envy large families to a degree though. She just has yet to find the right male to fill the role.

Tanabis’s view of the Myrians is especially note worthy. Although thankful for the pact and the protection it provides, Tanabis revel in the thought of one day being rid of the blockade around her city. The events of the djed storm had her all worked up before scouts reported back with news of incoming fangs of Myrians. The days were enough to sate her a while longer. Patience keeps Tanabis in her city, safe and sound, until the next chance she will have to lash out. Every Myrian death is a victory in her eyes. The people of Black Rock, though less than allies, do make worthy trading partners when Zinrah does have the opportunity to exchange goods. The Charodae might as well be a myth from what Tanabis has ever heard or seen of them. She has no use for pacifists. Otherwise, any enemy of the Myrians is a friend of Tanabis’s and her people, though they could never be greater than any constrictor.

Although constrictors value strength, Tanabis’s keen sense for opportunity have opened her on magical paths as well. Most magic, in the right hands, can be a powerful weapon for Zinrah to use against her enemies. Tanabis’s persuasive personality can be attributed to her skills in hypnotism, although she’s very frugal about its use (she knows very well of magic’s risks, and wouldn’t jeopardize her right to the throne, ever).

Tanabis is a Queen above all else, and stands for the strength of her people. Maskevesshna’s fame is something to live by and challenge in Tanabis’s eyes, and constantly pursues to be the best Queen to have ever existed, even better than Kova…


Though she has no nuclear blood ties, Tanabis does have a family to speak of. Her older cousin and current Head Priestess, Hiarisspanyin, is well trusted. Tanabis trusts Sspanyin with all sorts of religious council and spiritual guidance when she feels need. The former Head Priestess, and former Queen Regent, Sshnahiari is another trusted advisor. Hiari’s experience with the throne, personal and observed, is a great resource to Tanabis and she knows it. While Tanabis is more than capable than making her own decisions as Queen – she and her people have survived this long, haven’t they? – there are few matters that require Hiari’s council as well. Hiari can be seen as a mother figure of sorts to Tanabis as well, though the Queen knows there is no replacement for such a person in her life. In regards to her own family, Tanabis sits at the head as Queen, in addition to being the Queen for Zinrah and the constrictor Dhani who dwell within.

Snhamtanabis’s Appearances
heightThe Queen’s LairHome and Private Quarters.