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Image:Scroll2.png "Once I hated them... their foreign ways and their fear of my skies. But gradually, after they settled, some started turning their faces towards the sky and giving me praise despite my monstrous storms that buried them in rain, snow, and sand. I couldn't help it. I grew fond of a few of them, despite their very natures. And so I adopted them as my own, a few select individuals, and taught them to control the sky even as I do."
- Zulrav

My friend, the wind, speaks to me. Together we sing a song only our Lord can hear.
Granted byZulrav
Positive marksControlling Breezes and Storms
Negative marksInability to find shelter from the elements
Pos. mark appearanceSwirling Hurricane in blues and silvers
Neg. mark appearanceSwirling Hurricane in greys and sickly yellows
Mark locationBack
First markYoung age.

The followers of Zulrav are often called Stormwardens. Unlike other gods and goddesses, Zulrav has been known to mark his followers priors to their birth while they are still in their mother's wombs. Often these children are conceived during fierce storms and born within similar storms. They are born with Zulrav's Gnosis Mark - a swirling hurricane shaped image shadowing their shoulders. As their faith grows and they gain Zulrav's respect, rather than getting additional Gnosis Marks, the hurricane image gains layers and complexity until one can see the layers within in it depicting their rank. Often this pattern will swirl upon their skin, as if it has a life of its own. However, being marked at birth is a rare event in the case of PCs so most often, Zulrav marks his children after they have grown to maturity and proved attuned to storms and fill an affinity to Zulrav.

Stormwardens have a particular affinity with the winds and storms in general. They can judge the mood of a gentle breeze, a full-blown storm, or anything in between. They can range from being playful, friendly, or downright enraged. The more fully trained wardens can harness the energy of a storm rendering it harmless and trap that energy in a Stormgem which then can be used in all manner of ways: heating forges, powering artifacts, or even illuminating entire homes. Stormgems are sought out and coveted by all manner of people in all types of Mizahar's budding industries.

Stormwardens are found throughout Mizahar in every region and city. They do not often collect in large groups. Most of their learning occurs through practical experience and doing as Zulrav bids. Zulrav is very interactive with his followers, communicating with them on the winds. Stormwardens can control winds in almost any environment. In Eyktol they might harvest and control sandstorms, while on the coast of Syliras they might work with inland typhooons. On the outer rim of the continent, they deal with hurricanes, while within Cyphrus' Sea of Grass, the monsoons might very well be under their control.

Mark Progression

Marked [Cursed] - 1 Gnosis Mark
Stormwardens with one Mark can befriend breezes and control the gentlest of them. At this level, Stormwardens can judge the moods of stronger winds, even storms, but they cannot control them. With practice, Stormwardens can manipulate breezes to carry out simple tasks like snuffing candles or sending whispered words to non-Stormwardens. Singularly marked Stormwardens cannot fill stormgems.

Cursed individuals are not stricken with any negative powers, but instead are forever marked so that even the simplest breeze can recognize and find them. As a consequence, few people care to anger Zulrav, for there is no hiding from the Stormwardens from that point on. Negatively marked individuals are not considered 'Stormwardens' per se, but are the mortal enemies of the collective whole.

Favored [Despised] - 2 Gnosis Marks
Second Mark Stormwardens can control or summon actual gusts of wind to them. They can judge the mood of the wind and influence its mood as long as it's just a gust. They can also send and receive complex messages with other Stormwardens. They can fill multiple small stormgems or single medium-sized stormgems.

Despised individuals can find no shelter from the elements. People actively strive not to anger Zulrav because it is said that the winds harass such individuals relentlessly.

Priest/Priestess [Adversary] - 3 Gnosis Marks
Stormwardens with three gnosis marks can control and summon significant storms. They can fill multiple medium stormgems or one large stormgem. They can also do significant damage by controlling a storm and altering its mood, which takes significant energy and convincing on the part of the Stormwarden towards the storm. Stormwardens can also intensify storms or even defuse one. Stormwardens of this level can whistle up just about any sort of wind and become its master.

Currently Zulrav has no Adversaries. They tend to expire before gaining a third mark.

Champion [Nemesis] - 4 Gnosis Marks
There is no more terrifying force than a champion of Zulrav. These Stormwardens are masters of hurricanes and are often able (when conditions are right - meaning a small storm already exists over warm ocean waters, etc.) to create and control these storms themselves. Zulrav only has one Champion at a time, and currently the last champion of Zulrav was slain in the Valterrian aiding Morwen and her associates with imprisoning Ivak.

Zulrav has no Nemeses. The God of Winds is pretty neutral toward the other gods and tends not to gain enemies fast. If he were to gain a Nemesis, though, he'd probably elevate one of his fourth-marked Stormwardens to Champion status relatively quickly.

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