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Image:Scroll2.png "They are simply a story. A creature as large as a Tskanna, with the intelligence of a Myrian Tiger, and the teamwork of Akila hounds? No such creature exists."
- Bar Patron, Myrian
Falyndar Fauna
FrequencyExtremely Rare
Threat levelHigh
Major featuresNight Vision, Powerful Sharp Teeth, Keen Senses
Most common inThe very North Western jungles of Falyndar at the very edge of the region

Tarrlon are more of a legend than an actual beast. There are very few of them in Falyndar, and even more mysterious and tucked away than the Ethereal Jaguar. If you said the word Tarrlon, most inhabitants of Falyndar, Dhani and Myrian alike would not know of what you spoke. This partially due to the rarity of the large beast, as well as the fact that most who do encounter them, do not live long enough to tell others about them.


Tarrlon are not as large as Tskanna, though any stories circulating about them might exaggerate their height and bulk to such. They are more similar in size to an Ashta, though shorter and stockier. Weighing in at 2-4 tons, and standing at around 9 feet high at the shoulder. There is no serious discerning factor between males and females. Both possess short protruding tusks that are used to gouge and usually kill their prey, their mouth filled with multiple sharp canines. They possess four yellow eyes that allow them to see at night, and are primarily nocturnal hunters. Their skin is thick and a variety of mottled greys and browns. They possess a long whip like tail used only to swat at annoying insects, and their feet end in sharp bone protrusions.


Tarrlon have a keen predatory intelligence, and travel in packs of 3-5 to hunt. Though they are powerful and can kill most creatures that are not Tskanna instantly, they are slow, and cannot give effective chase to their prey. For the most part they are scavengers, scaring tigers, akila hounds, and other smaller predators away from their kills to feast on them themselves, a keen sense of smell allowing them to find recent kills. They are adept at working together for hunts, however, and use one of their number to scare and chase prey into the waiting jaws of the others of their herd. Another hunting method they utilize is covering themselves with mud and earth to mask their scent and standing in place for bells on end, sometimes even entire days letting prey unknowingly come to them, and then striking in an explosive charge. This method is generally used by younger, and faster Tarrlon.

Additional Information

Most in Falyndar do not even remotely know of the existence of Tarrlon, and those who do are extremely wary of the beasts. Hunting one is almost impossible, and they do not travel alone, meaning that one has to commit to killing multiple, a task almost impossible, even for the most veteran of hunters. For those that do recognize the name, it is said that they were created by Caiyha to provide a challenge great enough to make even the Goddess Queen Myri give pause when hunting them.