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The Clockwork Bridge

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The Clockwork Bridge is a mysterious bridge located in Daggerhand Park.


The bridge remains a strange water-powered clockwork mystery that rose up from beneath the water connecting the isle's southern tip to the main city proper at the Rotten Ruins (F). Its been a true mystery ever since the now-deceased former leader of the Daggerhand began to remodel the park in some vain attempt to flaunt the park's beauty as a sign of Robern Dalagnar's former power.

The Clockwork bridge has triggered many rumors about its origins. But in actuality, it was once used to transfer mining carriages down onto tracks long-buried below the river's surface, and much deeper. But such an ancient edifice has gone silent at least for now; the gears lining the walls of the bridge all motionless. Most of the gears remain hidden behind a layer of painted wooden panels to hide the past.

A rotating shift of five Daggerhand Siblings can always be found patrolling either side of the bridge, with five more tasked with walking the center, leaving fifteen men always stationed on it at any normal point in time day or night. They allow citizens to cross and enjoy the beauty of the park during the day but become instantly hostile to all who try to cross the bridge during the night. Six iron wrought cages has been hung from its sides at the center where prisoners are kept within to slowly wither away as a warning to those who visit the isle to remain on their best behavior. Or to keep out at night.